This Is The Hard Part

The hard part is one of those hair terms that, if you know it, you probably love it. At its core, a hard part is essentially a part that is shaved into the hair. It’s a little more extreme than the sharply defined side part that has been running rampant all over men’s magazines lately. And, by its very nature, requires a bit more commitment.

Since this technique requires a certain level of skill and steadiness of hand, definitely don’t try this one at home. A hard part is best left to a clipper-savvy, knowledgeable professional that can help determine whether your desired style is a good fit for a hard part. Typically, they pair well with undercuts, fades, and combed-over styles.


L.A. Mike, from Ben Mollin Hair Education in Griffith, Indiana, takes his hard parts very, very seriously. He starts with soaking wet hair and uses a comb to define the part perfectly before starting in with the clippers. He likes to finish his clients’ off with a straight razor-to make sure the lines are as clean as possible and also extend the life of the hard part.

This leads us to the one drawback to the hard part: they are a bit high maintenance. Depending on the width of the part, outgrowth can be very noticeable. Which means you’re going to need to see your stylist or barber a lot more often.

Now that we’ve filled you in on the basics, deciding on how you can best incorporate this style into your current look is really the hardest part.

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Photo Credit: Wesley Reder

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