The Barbers & Staff of Beardsgaard Barbers

“A cheerful bunch of weirdos that live to make people look good. Gleefully obsessive misfits.” This is how Beardsgaard Barber Owners Natalie & Tyler Anderson describe their staff. From their hobbies down to their refreshing senses of humor, the team both enhances and reinforces the shop’s niche branding, décor, and overall inanimate persona. All their quirkiness, unique backstories, side gigs, and hobbies help make this barbershop a truly exemplary destination.

The Andersons have taught us a number of things about running a successful barbershop, one in which is the importance of being selective when hiring your staff. You want to hire people with talent, education and expertise, but you also want to bring on people who fit your mold and who are aligned with your vision and mission statement. You also want to hire individuals who will be able to interact and connect on multiple levels with the types of clients who are frequenting your establishment and who you are trying to attract. Natalie and Tyler have succeeded in doing just that.

What did we learn from the staff that day we spent making ourselves comfortable at Beardsgaard? No, it wasn’t the difference between various razors or how to style a perfect pompadour. We learned that when that little voice inside your gut, the one that resides deep in your belly that goes by the name of “Intuition” calls out to you and says, ‘Go do what makes you happy,’ you listen to it and that it’s never too late to change your course in life.

Angel Perez | Front Desk Manager

Beardsgaard Barbers_Batavia_Illinois_Barbershop_Front Desk_Angel Perez

“I was a client of Beardsgaard before I became an employee. On my last haircut here as a client, I almost asked them if they were hiring because I wanted to leave my job. I was in the veterinary field for the past 17 years and I was ready for a change. I wanted to do something that would allow me to flex my creative muscle and not be as emotionally taxing, especially when you’re working in veterinary oncology like I was. I loved doing it and I’m not barring the fact that I may never do it again, but I needed a break from it all. So two days later, after my appointment, I was feeling quite insomniatic and I was on Facebook and saw the post that they were looking for someone for the front desk position. I contacted them immediately, and here I am.

Now they are offering to have me put my own art up on the wall and I’m actually going part-time here so I can focus more on it. I’m going to be doing more pet expos because drawing cats and dogs is a real moneymaker for me.

I realized after I left the animal hospital that I should have taken this creative step in life. I heard Natalie and Tyler talking a lot about how they just grabbed the bull by the horns and gave it a shot. I’m 37 years old. I have to do something, so I’m giving this next phase a shot. I have enough money set aside to cover three months worth of bills in case this does fail. It’s what you don’t do that will torment you. I got that from a fortune cookie.”

Eric Bartow | Barber

Beardsgaard Barbers_Batavia_Illinois_Barbershop_No Zodiac_Eric Bartow

“I’ve been a licensed barber for about three years and have been in the industry for almost five years. Before this, I was doing a bunch of weird, odd jobs. I was a bouncer at a couple places, and oddly enough I used to work at a Forever 21. Before I went to barber school, I was attending a regular college. I was studying Criminal Justice because I wanted to be a police officer. I was always cutting my friends’ hair. You know, just have a bunch of buddies over at my parent’s house, everyone would bring a bunch of food and stuff, and we would all just hang out and I would cut everyone’s hair in the laundry room. One day I was like, ‘I really like doing this so I’m going to go to barber school instead.’ I also choose barbering because, frankly, I hate math, and I play drums in a touring band called No Zodiac so I leave for months at a time.”

Evan Hoffman | Assistant

Beardsgaard Barbers_Batavia_Illinois_Barbershop_Evan Hoffman

“I’m 16 years old and still in high school. I love working here because of the leniency. Everyone is strict enough to the point where I’m learning because this is my first job, but it’s not so strict to where I don’t want to come to work. A lot of kids my age have that issue when they get a job, and they end up hating it. But for me, I love everything here. When I’m done with high school I plan on going to college for Psychology.”

Amanda Berryhill | Barber

Beardsgaard Barbers_Batavia_Illinois_Barbershop_Female Barber_Amanda Berryhill

“Prior to going to barber school, I was attending cosmetology school. Halfway through that program I realized I absolutely hated women’s hair so I went the barbering direction. I finished the apprenticeship program here a few months ago and it was pretty cool to ‘pass the torch’ onto Scott. My advice to him was to pay attention to every single teeny-tiny detail and watch what everyone is doing all the time because they are so many details to everything.”

Scott Herron | Shop Apprentice

Beardsgaard Barbers_Batavia_Illinois_Barbershop_Scott Herron

“Before I went to barber school I was in banking for 10 years and prior to that I was in communications—I worked for AT&T. When the whole banking industry took a sharp turn and there were major staff reductions, I took a moment and did a little self-reflection and thought, ‘Ya know what? I’m way more artistic than all this stuff.’ And since my daughter is all grown up now, I decided it was time for me to do something for myself, so here I am. I decided to go to barber school and made my way through it in about 10 months. These past two months in my apprenticeship has solidified something I’ve always believed in and that is that life is a constant learning process. The second you stop learning is really the second you stop learning. Age has nothing to do with it.”

Morgan Anderson | ShopKid

Beardsgaard Barbers_Batavia_Illinois_Barbershop_Morgan Shopkid

“Want to know how far I’m into this Harry Potter book I’m reading.”

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