Salon Stock Photo Pack: Essentials

$ 19

It can be hard to find interesting, high-quality photos to use online. Stock photos can be pricey, generic looking and there is little in the way of photos geared towards the professional beauty community. Enter, the Industrie Salon Stock Photo Pack. Each zipped file download includes fifteen large-format, high-resolution photos to be used however you like. Use them on your website, in your blog posts or your email marketing. You can even create social media graphics with them. Get creative!

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Industrie Salon Stock Photo Packs are a collection of professionally shot and edited large-format photos that can be used in multiple ways across your digital channels. Each photo is large enough to be manipulated in multiple ways, which allows you to crop, rotate, flip, draw on, type over…whatever else you can think of! The photos are subject to the Photographic End User License (which you can read, HERE) which basically means that you can use them in any way that you see fit—except redistribution. So, you can reproduce it, add it to a collection, and make adaptations of it. However, you may not give out or re-sell the photo—so don’t include it in any photo packs of your own or give it out for others to use.

We will release new Salon Stock Photo Packs seasonally, so make sure you check back to see what’s new!


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