Salon Snapshot: A Semi-Custom Website for Beauty Pros

$ 49 / month and a $ 499 sign-up fee

Our Salon Snapshot is a no-hassle, stress-free, cost effective way to get a beautiful, mobile-ready website for your salon with custom images and copy. We handle the build and all of the on-going maintenance— you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We work directly with you to build a mobile-responsive website to keep you and your clients connected in between appointments. Your Salon Snapshot is also a great way to attract new clients into your chair, all while remaining affordable and completely worry-free for you.

What will your website look like?

Take a look at our live demo, HERE.

For a more in-depth look at what you’ll receive, the overall process and the FAQs, please scroll down to our Detailed Description area below.



The Salon Snapshot includes:

  • The Use of (3) Hi-res photographs of your salon (supplied by you)
  • About Section
  • Services/Pricing Section
  • Products Used Section
  • Client Testimonial(s) OR A (3) Hi-Res Image Portfolio Section
  • Location/Hours/Contact Section
  • Google Map
  • Blog Page preloaded with the most recent Industrie Blog Pack

We make this process so user-friendly and worry-free that we do all the heavy lifting for you like building, hosting, and setting it all live.

After your site goes officially live, your monthly subscription takes care of hosting and on-going maintenance. You will also be able to make one change a month—if you want to change your prices, update a photo or add a product or service, just let our support team know!

Now let’s walk you through the overall process so that you see just how easy this is.

Step 1: Purchase and complete your transaction.

Step 2: A member of the Industrie Shop Team will contact you via email within 24 hours of purchase.

Step 3:  Fill out the survey/form* provided by the Industrie Shop Team Member (sent via email in Step 2).

Step 4: Send back your completed survey/form.

Step 5: Industrie Shop starts the building process.

Step 6:  You review your site.

Step 7: You give us the “go live.”

Step 8: Industrie Shop sets your site live and lets you know! Your first month of support is included in the build cost of $499.

Step 9: You sleep well that night knowing you have a website for your salon that you never have to touch!

See, it’s really and truly THAT easy!

*We STRONGLY urge you to make sure you have all your hi-res photos ready and your About Section completely written before you purchase and complete your transaction.

We know you probably have a few questions, so check out our FAQ below:


What does “hi-res photos” mean and do they need to be a certain size?

The industry standard to be considered high resolution is 300 dpi. Your photos will need to be 300 dpi 1MB or larger in size.

What if I raise my prices or add in new services after my site goes live?

No worries! That’s why we provide you with a User Manual. After the site goes officially live and we turn it over to you, we give you detailed instructions on how to go into your site and add/change information.  And if that sounds like too much work, you can always purchase a block of tech support time and have us do it for you!

For the “Products Used” section, how do I get the manufacturer/company logos?

Oh, you don’t need to worry about that. We have a library of logos and we pop in the ones you tell us to!

Do I get both testimonials and a chance to display 3 images of my work?

Sorry, but no. You’ll have to choose which is more important, either the testimonials or your 3-image “portfolio.”

What if I change my hours or if I move or need to put in a different email address in the “Contact/Map” section?

If you need to change any of this information, you will need to speak with Industrie Tech Support and pay for this service. You can email them at for pricing and additional information..

Blog Page? Do I need this?


1000x’s YES you need a blog page and here’s why:

Blogs are beneficial for your business and can serve as a way to communicate with your current clients on a regular basis. It can also give prospective new clients an even closer look into who you are and what you are into, and to see if your salon is a good fit for them. On a more technical level, blogging can help drive more traffic to your site by giving you consistent fresh content to post to your social media accounts.

But I don’t have any blogs or time to write blogs. Do I still need it?


10,000x’s YES and we help you with that! Salon Snapshot Premium comes with the most recent Industrie Blog Pack already preloaded. What that means is that you get 4 blogs that speak to your clients about various topics that are currently a hot topic at that time. Each blog also has professionally shot images that accompany them. They are built and live the moment your website goes live. And if you want more blogs after your site goes live, you can either purchase our Industrie Blog Packs (4 blogs per pack).

If you have any questions at all give us a shout at


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