eClass: Build a Better Website for Your Salon

$ 49

In this e-class, we will take you from square one to a gorgeous new site. You’ll learn everything, including all of the lingo associated with site building, how to choose a hosting platform, how to create a professional email address using your site’s domain name, how to write effective copy for your site and how to choose and format your images for optimal viewing across all screen sizes.

Plus a lot, lot more.

Consider this class your master guide to being your own webmaster.



Your website is an extension of your business and it’s the way that you let your current and potential new clients who you are and what you do. Your site should reflect your personality, taste and skill level‚ but knowing how to build a brand new site from scratch takes time, training and usually more than a little bit of money. But for those of you with a little bit of time, a bit of patience and a true DIY spirit, we’ve got you covered.

This comprehensive guide to building your very own gorgeous, fully functioning, mobile-ready website will take you from step one (choosing your hosting provider) to launch in just under 80 pages. Jam-packed with lingo glossaries, worksheets, informative breakdowns, and comparisons, the Build a Better Website for Your Salon eClass covers everything that you need to know to get your salon’s website up and running.

This class also includes truly useful information from the brains at Industrie to help you make the most of your new site. From writing effective copy to how to properly choose and format your images and integrating social media, this class will make sure that your salon’s website is working for you.

This class includes:

  • Intro/Terms Glossary
  • How to Create a Website Wireframe
  • How to Choose/Move Your Domain
  • How to Setup Your  Hosting/Hook Up Your Email
  • How to Install WordPress
  • Guide to the WordPress Dashboard
  • How to Choose A Theme/Install A Theme
  • How to Write Good Site Copy
  • How to Choose/Format Your Images
  • How-to Build Your Blog Section (Blog Post Planner Worksheet)
  • Guide to Integrating Social Media
  • How-To Boost Your Email Marketing Sign Ups
  • SEO Basics/ Best Practices

+loads more!

Plus, if you get through this class and decide that maybe building websites isn’t your thing, you can apply the cost of this class to having us build a brand spankin’ new Salon Snapshot for you, so there is zero chance of buyer’s remorse. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


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