Blog Pack #1: The Basics

$ 34

The very first in our Industrie Blog Pack series, this pack covers all of the basics. This pack’s titles include: “Before You Book That Appointment,” “5 Hair Brushes You Need & Why,” “This is the Hard Part,” and “How to Make the Most Out of Your Salon Appointment.” This Industrie Blog Pack is written with your clients in mind and includes the following:

  • 4 Original SEO-Friendly Blog Posts
  • 13 Original, High-Resolution Photographs
  • 4 Professionally Designed Social Media Share Graphics (sized to Facebook specifications)
  • A Complete Instructional Guide (to get yours up & running—fast!)

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We all know that blogging can be great for your business, it helps you to increase your SEO visibility, gives you more content to post on your social media channels and offers a quick way to stay in touch with your clients and answer some of their more common questions. But blogging also takes a lot of time, effort and a certain degree of skill. You have to think up topics to write about, do any necessary pre-planning and research, actually write/edit the post, shoot photos, create graphics to be shared on social media and finally upload and format everything before you can get any mileage out of it at all.

Between life inside and outside of the salon, it can be tough to find time to do that.

Enter, the Industrie Blog Pack! We’ve gone through all of those steps, so that you don’t have to!

We’ve taken our skill set and knowledge of the beauty industry and poured it into four original blog posts that we write, edit, photograph, format and design and then email the whole thing out to you on the first of every month. Why four? So that you will have fresh content for your site’s blog section every week. Of course, you are always welcome to add your own content to your blog section, but with an Industrie Blog Pack you know that you will have high-quality, professional looking and sounding content to update your site with, weekly. All you need to do is cut, paste and publish!

This Industrie Blog Pack includes the following:

  • 4 Original, SEO-Friendly Blog Posts (roughly 500 words each):
  • “Wait! Before You Book That Hair Appointment!”
  • “This is the Hard Part”
  • “5 Hair Brushes You Need & Why”
  • “How to Make the Most of Your Salon Appointment”
  • Each Post Includes 2-3 Original Photos
  • Each Post Includes 1 Social Media Share Graphic (sized to Facebook specifications)
  • Full Instructions for Use (sent with your first Blog Pack)


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