Our Industrie Story: Kerri & Justine’s Journey

It took about five years for Industrie to come together and it was one of those series of life events that seems, in retrospect, to be predestined. By various ways and means, Kerri and Justine found their way into the industry and into each other’s lives by working at the same professional beauty publication. After a little acclimation, they discovered something fascinating: while each was fully capable and talented on her own, together they formed something almost…intoxicating.
Their combined superpowers first became evident during a meeting with a major beauty manufacturer and potential advertising client for the publication that they worked for. After a solid 10 minutes of back-and-forth “idea volleying,” they crafted a unique, effective year-long program that was so completely out-of-the-box and worked so well with the company’s own initiatives that it crescendoed into high-fives all around and a contract on the spot.

The idea for Industrie was formed from those years spent listening to and considering all of the things that those who lived and worked in the beauty industry would love to fix about it. So many people from different aspects of the industry—stylists, marketing folks, PR gals, even presidents and CEOs—were all saying the same thing: unless you’re a big dog, you don’t get any support.

Life happens, jobs don’t last forever these days, and eventually Kerri and Justine moved on and went their separate ways. However, a friendship and working relationship had been formed that refused to be squelched, and after a highly tumultuous couple of years (and a few things falling magically into place), they put it all together.

They started out like any bright-eyed troupe of enthusiastic go-getters. They had big ideas, big dreams and the desire to take the beauty industry and turn it on its head. It was the perfect storm—a couple of creative professionals, each with their own unique perspective and set of talents, united under a banner of revolution. What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, like any new venture, it’s never quite that simple. Change, contrary to popular belief, does not happen overnight. It takes time, resilience and hard work. A LOT of hard work. In the first year, they learned a lot of lessons, most of them the hard way. But they were learned, and that’s what really matters in the long run.

Kerri and Justine spent that first year testing various theories, changing their approach, changing it again, refining their message, shifting their focus—all part of the process when it comes to developing a new business. It wasn’t until they looked at each other and said, “What did we come here to do?” That’s when the real change started happening.

And now, here they are.

By coming back to their original, and somewhat simple desire to help the beauty industry and all of the professionals in it, they were able to assess how best to use their individual talents to accomplish that goal. They refined their vision, streamlined their process and developed an entirely new line of products and programs specifically created to address the needs of not just beauty professionals outside of their cosmetology training, but also those platform artists, salon owners and manufacturers that make up the entire professional beautysphere. In short, Kerri and Justine are lending you their brains and talents to take care of everything related to bettering your business, so that you can focus on creating and staying inspired.

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