Men’s Fall Style Guide Part 2: Suits, Boots & Attitude

As we learned in our previous article, fashion and style do not always go hand in hand. Fashion lends itself to trends (the coming and going of which is seemingly never-ending) style is more permanent. Style is a reflection and extension of personality and lifestyle.

Our Men’s Fall Style Guide is aimed to give you a few examples of different types of style, as found by the determined Street Style Photo Team from label.m during Men’s Fashion Week in London. We break down the look, the attitude and how it all comes together, so that you don’t have to. Use this mini analysis as a springboard to start considering your own style. Sometimes by taking a few cues from a few stylish fellas, you may not have otherwise come across, you can get a spark of an idea that will lead to an exciting sartorial* adventure of your own.

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Look #1:  Mr. Black Label

The skinniest of jeans get some volume with the addition of a substantial black peacoat. This look harkens back to old-timey dockworkers and seafaring types (although their trousers may have been a bit more…ahem…forgiving). The key to keeping this look masculine is all in the coming together of individual elements. The best part? You can reuse each piece in a myriad of ways to come up with unlimited variations of this look.


  • It’s all about proportion. If you go skinny on the bottom, keep things loose or boxy up top.
  • Color plays a big factor here as well. Dark and monochromatic is a great way to play it safe if you’re venturing out into new silhouette territory for the first time.
  • The slicked-back bouffant with an undercut is a great hair choice here. With everything else being somewhat subtle, this guy’s coif takes center stage.

Look #2: Contemporary Collegiate

Don’t be put off by the seafoam green; this complete look is a study in details. While the color choices may be bold (seafoam green suit with a blue-on-red tie, who woulda thought?) the cuts are all classic and the pairings are timeless. How many times have you seen an impeccable topcoat over a suit on Wall Street? The color and accoutrements choices here are what makes this look stand out. Fur collars are for closers. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.


  • Go for color and texture, but keep your shapes and fits simple. It’s all about balance.
  • Styling is the final touch to any look. See that French roll? That’s what keeps this from looking too carefully planned and shows that he fully backs his choices.
  • The haircut stays neatly tapered with a fun touch of flare in the front. This perfectly echoes the feeling of his clothing choice—classic with just the right amount of fun tossed in.


Look #3: We’re Not in Brooklyn Anymore

We’ve said it before and we will say it again; layering is key. Sure, it’s just a t-shirt under an oxford under a motorcycle jacket, but think of it this way—each of those pieces worn alone? Boring. Put them all together and you have somehow managed to make dirty jeans and a biker jacket look respectable. The brown suede derby shoes and the belt to match definitely add an element of traditional coordination that keeps this from looking sloppy.


  • Traditional choices with edgier pieces keeps things balanced.
  • Mixing prints and textures is a great way to add interest to what would have otherwise been just another t-shirt, oxford, jacket and jeans scenario.
  • Yes, you are correct, that is another French roll being sported down below. Two stylish gents using the same technique does make it a trend. Trust us.


Look #4: Rebooted

Any good look is always tied together by a fine set of footwear. This bohemian sartorialist is keenly aware of that truth. You can paint outside of the lines as much as you like up top, but when it comes to footwear, be a good neighbor and keep your dogs on a leash. While the look may seem simple at first, a closer look notes the diagonal zipper and extra long scarf. Plus, nothing that he is wearing here actually matches, it just…works.


  • You don’t have to go over the top to make a statement. One bold piece will do the trick if you stage it properly (i.e. keep everything else simple and neutral).
  • Invest in a good pair of boots; it’s worth it. If you read the first article in this series you’ll know that we proclaimed the many attributes of well-heeled boots. We will gladly shout it from the rooftops if need be.
  • This thick-layered cut is perfect for someone who is looking for versatility. The mussed version (shown here) makes everything you pair with it look comfortable and inviting. Slick it back or part if for more formal occasions—you’ll have a lot to work with with this cut.

*sartorial: sar·to·ri·al sär?tôr??l/ adjective 1.of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress.