Men’s Fall Style Guide Part 3: From Kicked Back to Coattails

All good things must come to an end. In the last of our Men’s Fall Style Guide with the Street Style Photo Team from label.m during Men’s Fashion Week in London, we take a turn for the quirky. Don’t worry, we will get you there by degrees to ease you into the idea that it’s okay to play with your look and not take yourself too seriously. Remember, style is an expansive playground and all types are invited to mix, match, coordinate and clash as they so choose.

These last four gentlemen are a bit more “dressed” than we’ve seen before, and all have a definite stamp of individual style. The overall takeaway from these looks, and the others that we’ve featured in previous editions of this series, is that incorporating your personality into your look trumps all other styling advice. The greatest accessory of all, as they say, is confidence.

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Look #1: Timber!

We said we’d start you off slowly and we meant it. With three simple pieces, this guy manages to look completely on point by playing with texture and fit. Note the slim fit and longer hem of his shirt and the baggy-at-the-top, slim-at-the-bottom fit of his pants. This is 100% by design as the eye will naturally stop at a horizontal line. The focus in this outfit is, believe it or not, the fit of those pants. The undone Timbs take a look that could have gone in a “club-kid-off-duty” direction back to a more casual and less studied approach.


  • We’ve talked about proportion before, and this look just proves our point. Slim to baggy to slim. Mix the two together, for best results.
  • One undone, “tossed-in-there” accessory can instantly transform a look from seeming overly thought out.
  • The hair cut echoes his outfits fit; neat and slim on the sides, stand out volume on top. A little coordination between the lands above the neck and below goes a long way to a final look.

Look #2: A Heartfelt, Lagerfelt Affection

Let the channeling begin! If you’re going to push the envelope, do it with a little cheek and a nod to your idol. This spin off of the the classic “Karl” (as in Lagerfeld) is a riot of visual stimulus. Take the teal out of the equation and lets look at this in an objective fashion. The jacket is definitely the piece screaming the loudest between color, cut and how it’s worn. Nothing else needs to be done here. He could have stopped with the jacket. By choosing an equally unique shirt, he puts the emphasis on fit and proportion showing that his clothes will never, ever wear him.


  • If you’re going the statement piece route, keep the focus there and style the hell out of that thing. Everyone opts for a bright color. If you really want to make a splash, don’t stop there.
  • Keep the rest of your look toned down and coordinated to keep the focus on your chosen piece. If you venture too far outside the lines, you risk looking costume-y. This isn’t about your clothes, it’s about you.
  • The hair is simple, clean and natural. With just the right amount of height to keep it fashion-forward and a little risky.

Look #3: Just The Facts, Ma’am

Blue on black on brown on beige, this guy is breaking all of the rules. How does he manage to still look so properly pulled together? Answer: He sticks to the classics. The key is in the styling; fur collar + French roll + trainers =a man that is not dressing any particular part but his own. He is equal parts Bond villain, business tycoon and the coolest professor on the quad.


  • Don’t typecast your style. Just because you’re a musician/artist/corporate type/health nut, etcetera, etcetera doesn’t mean that you always have to dress the part. Try mixing different pieces that speak to your different areas of interest for an individual look.
  • Mixing navy and black is…risky. Both go naturally with white and khaki, so that’s the anchor here. Go ahead and experiment, but choosing a solid neutral as a base will achor colors that typically don’t play well together.
  • He kept this look classic with his hair. A little length in a classic sweepback keeps him looking neat and precise. A tried and true style lends a little style authority to more out-of-the box clothing choices.

Look #4: It’s Not So Black & White

The velvet smoking jacket gets dressed down with the cheeky introduction of some suction cup skinny pants, an untucked shirt and a pair of slip-ons. He also opted to fasten only the bottom button of a single breasted blazer. There is a tailor somewhere on Savile Row who is crying a single solitary tear over this. However, there is a method to this madness as the opening up of the jacket’s lines makes him appear broader chested, which in turn, makes his legs look leaner. When your trousers are as snug as these, a little optical illusion can go a long way.


  • Contrasting colors play up silhouettes and clothing lines. Travelling from the top to the bottom, let your eye run along the lines of a look before you step out the door as the lines of your clothes become the lines of your body to the observer.
  • Balance. If you don’t have the shape for a look that you are going for, don’t worry. By playing with proportions you can “adjust” your own shape to accommodate the style that you seek.
  • This geometric undercut takes center stage on top of a dramatic black and white look. Sleek, trim and kept in line with the right products, the right haircut can become an extension of your wardrobe.