A Lesson In Self-Expression: The Eclectic Collection

Self-expression is a vital component to one’s identity. Through creative outlets like art, poetry, and music, we have the opportunity to show what makes us unique and express our individuality. This holds true for what we wear, how we cut, color, and style our hair and the color palette and brush strokes we create on our facial canvas.

As the digital universe around us expands and evolves, it can often be arduous and tiring to self-express during these trend-saturated times. Those who embrace and relish in self-expression prefer to stay far from the general direction the masses are leaning towards (a.k.a. the trends). Sebastian Global Art Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey’s latest collaboration and collection for Sebastian Professionals titled “Eclectic” is just that— a world without labels or limits where liberated individuals connect across cultures to go against the grain of convention.

“Hair, fashion and body art fuse in a celebration of all things eclectic,” shares Sebastian Professionals. “The ordinary is twisted and given new purpose. Iconic products mix and match in unexpected ways, as our Global Art Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey test the limits of self-expression.”

Since Michael and Shay have always been inspired by the future, they are expanding on a generation who has no qualms or hesitation in self-expressions—millennials.

“If you look at the youth, the confidence that they have nowadays is very reflective on their spirit or their attitude or even their appearance. Their mindset is so free, they’re not worried, and they’re not really worried about labels. We wanted to project what we thought our future millennial would be, break it down, reshape it, reconstruct it and put it back out there and see how far we can go with it,” adds Michael.

These nine transformative looks that make up Eclectic consist of textures that are juxtaposed, coexisting within each unexpected look. Rough and smooth, braided and undone, simplistic elements from a ponytail to a twist are deconstructed and rebuilt into striking three-dimensional shapes. They have repurposed everyday items to give the styles an edge and exclusivity. Buckles, clips, sticks, and strips of leather are deconstructed and repurposed into hair jewelry and act as the final touch of creativity.

sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection

Michael and Shay are no strangers to collaborating. They’ve been at it collectively for 10 years and do it routinely with the chemists in Zurich during product development. So it comes as no surprise they’d collaborate with a very well known tattoo artist to give each look a solid stamp of identity. You’ll see each model has been embellished with an intricate inkprint of style. “A tattoo is a mark of who you are, have been or will be. It is a reflection of personality, taste, and tribe that becomes a central piece in the self-expression puzzle,” adds Sebastian Professionals.

sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection sebastian-professionals-eclectic-collection

For this collection, celebrated tattoo artist Maxime Büchi, known for his collaborations with fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen and recognized by Vogue as “one of the world’s most accomplished tattoo artists,” brought his unique vision to the collaborative table with exclusive designs.


He also brought a very interesting and thought-provoking outlook on tattoo expression. “It can be anything. It can be protection, it can be a way to distance yourself from the world, or it can be the opposite: to create an interface with the world,” he shared. “It can be something you can show, that can spark discussions. People ask you what it is. A tattoo is not a thing – it’s just a technique, just ink, a pigment inside the skin. What’s interesting is what tattoo it is. What is the agenda of the person? It can be entirely hidden beneath their clothes, showing nothing at first. It can be very aggressive or beautiful. It can also be completely intimate. So I want to know what tattoos mean to you and allow you to do it even better.”


The end result is a collection that inspires others to contemplate and be cognitive of their method and outlet of self-expression and the importance of adding a bit of detail and individuality to the end result. Sebastian Professionals said it best with, “This is a world where each of us has the power to become our own limited edition, making our mark as an everyday masterpiece.”

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