How Your Salon Website Affects Your Business

Salons, as a general rule, have ugly websites.

If you are reading this and you have an ugly salon website, it’s ok. We are going to get through this together. Take that offended look off your face, put your dueling glove away and let’s get down to business.

Your salon’s website is typically the first impression that a potential new client will have of your business. You have about 15 seconds to make that first impression (or roughly 2.5 scrolls on a smartphone screen), so you want to make sure you pack as much information as possible into that time frame along with packing a punch. Here are the main objectives of a salon website:

  1. To attract new clients
  2. To inform current clients of upcoming specials/events
  3. To schedule appointments

Now, there are a lot of little things that go into each of those objectives, but when you distill it down, that is basically your salon site’s main functions.

how your salon website effects your business

Since two of those objectives have to do with either client attraction or retention, your site should have the same feel as your space. You can see a real life example of this, with ME Salon’s site, one of our Salon Snapshot clients. They used a lovely, full-width image as their header, so that visitors to the site immediately get the sense that they are walking into the salon.

Your site should also offer up-to-date information, that is prominently displayed and easy to find such as:

  • Services that you offer with pricing
  • Products that you use/carry
  • A sample of your portfolio of current work


In many cases, a salon either doesn’t have this information, or it’s too difficult to find. Those are just two of the cardinal website sins that I’ve seen time and time again with salons. Below are a few more common mistakes that I’ve seen. If your salon’s website is guilty of any of these, it’s time to start seriously considering an overhaul. Your clients, both current and new, will thank you.

Quick Takeaways

Make sure your site is NOT

  1. Cluttered: Too many fonts, too much copy, too many poorly-sized/placed photos.
  2. Poor Color Choices: If you want a client to  trust you with their haircolor, it’s best that you make sure that your section titles don’t clash with your logo colors.
  3. Hard To Read Fonts: No curls, swirls, or splatters, please. Unless it’s a word that you really want to just catch your visitor’s eye and not tell them anything, because they won’t be able to read it.
  4. Hard To Find Information: Your salon website visitors are not going to go hunting around for your contact info or appointment booking widget. Make sure they are front and center.
  5. Non-Responsive: If your site isn’t mobile ready, no one is looking at it, period. What’s more, neither is Google. As of about a year or so ago, Google will no longer index non-responsive sites, which means you will not show up in the internet’s most widely used search engine. That lady who just moved to town from out-of-state and needs a new creative color ombré  job every six weeks? She’s not going to find you if your site doesn’t show up in her search results.
  6. Outdated and/or Ugly Photos: Not everyone can afford a professional photographer and/or the time or equipment to learn how to take professional-quality photos themselves. However, at least be discerning with your choices.

Starting to think it’s time for a change? Check out our Salon Snapshots, HERE.



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