Gallagher & Horner: Spellbound

One of the largest collections we’ve featured here on Industrie, clocking in at 16 stunning images, Gallagher & Horner’s “Spellbound” is a visual treat that takes you on a colorful and captivating journey. To look at it as a whole, you can see how four individuals, Brian Gallagher (hairstylist), Andrew O’Toole (photographer), Clare Frith (stylist) and Clare Reed (makeup artist), worked collectively to bring a concept to reality. But, when you look closely at each image, you can see just how each one of them brought their own individual talent and expertise.

Take for instance the hair. Brian Gallagher created 16 unique hair looks for his models. Some a little fashion-forward, a few a little edgy and imaginative and a number of them completely wearable (with a few minor adjustments for the more conservative lady). He completely ran the gamut with texture, styling and color.

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Spellbound is an amalgamation of ethereal beauty and feminine sensuality. By fusing shadow and light, the collection perfectly balances alongside the strong, bold colours that are present. I worked with a variety of textures and metallics within the hair to create a three-dimensional effect.

— Brian Gallagher

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When you look closely at the photography, O’Toole jested with shadows, played up profiles and captured the model’s individual uniqueness and personality. Each individual facial expression mirrors the hair, color and fashion story being portrayed for each model, and O’Toole seized the shutter moment.

For the makeup, Frith kept the face looking fresh and clean, but went big and bold in terms of the eyes. Even the lips and contouring is kept neutral and simple. Cat-eyes, graphic liner stacked and sharp, heavy creases and defined brows—each one of these elements allowing the individual sensation to be seen.

Last, but definitely not least, the fashion and styling. It is apparent that four decades—the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s—have provided inspiration. Mod, geometric lines, body suits, spikes and sequins and a cool, chic-rocker edge, all of this wrapped up to coincide, support and complete the “Spellbound” story.

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Hair: Brian Gallagher from Gallagher & Horner

Photography: Andrew O’Toole

Stylist: Clare Frith

Makeup: Clare Reed