EXPOSÉ: Lady Crappo

Ever since nail lacquer was invented, many have tried their hand at achieving polish perfection. Even those with the steadiest of brushes have fallen short of creating tips with a true “wow-factor.” So, when a self-taught nail artist with a clever Tumblr handle came onto the scene, she immediately filed herself into the top of the ranks- a cult celebrity in the blogosphere. Her success as an artist, however, did not come without its challenges.

Lady Crappo—Emily is her real name—suffers from a familial tremor. As you might imagine, her condition is like kryptonite for a painter of nails (her own nails, no less) but she has found ways around it. On her Tumblr page, Emily shares tips and tutorials that have helped her to overcome these challenges with the hope of helping others elevate their craft.


Her work is truly museum-worthy. Her teensy canvases are jaw-dropping, varied in textiles and inspired by fantastic sources, anything and everything is fair game. A “Secret Garden” mani with an actual secret garden peaking over the oft-forgotten backside of the nail? You got it. Turquoise nails that look identical to the semi-precious stone? No problem. Everything Lady Crappo creates is beautiful and unique down to the smallest, most minute detail. She’s on another level both artistically and personally.

Spotlight_Expose_Crappo_Image6jpg Spotlight_Expose_Crappo_Image5 Spotlight_Expose_Crappo_Image4 Spotlight_Expose_Crappo_Image9

Which leads us to the name: Lady Crappo. Why the eccentric alias? Emily explains the “birth” of Lady Crappo in her Tumblr bio:

When I started using the name Lady Crappo, it was to distinguish myself from two different types of women I encountered on the internet…I wanted to be visible as a woman, but also to declare that I am not here to be something decorative. I’m a girl, but I’m not your girly-girl. So, Lady Crappo!


Lady Crappo is immensely talented, humble and best of all shares her knowledge with the rest of the art world. She’s a renaissance woman and we’re keeping her on our radar. Want to keep her on yours, too? Follow her on Tumblr

Images courtesy of Lady Crappo.