EXPOSÉ: Frazier Studios, Chicago, IL

Over in Chicago’s West Loop—a stone’s throw away from Google’s latest addition to the neighborhood—sits a quiet, sun-filled gallery called Frazier Studios.

Meg Frazier, the passionate and hyper-talented owner, is a combination of competing realities. She is a practical idealist, a soulful pragmatist, an artist-teacher and a badass woman’s woman. Oh, and she happens to bust out a wicked painting from time to time, too. The genius of what she has going on in her artistic space is the colliding of these realities together; over the years she has molded them so they all work under one roof. Starting from nothing in a matter of just a few of years, the studio has become a living expression of Meg’s inner essence.




And all of that is to say nothing about her work on display. The space features a number of Meg’s own pieces alongside art from a rotating roster of guest artists. Her work is a celebration of color and texture, the female form and Chicago’s famous skyline. There is a kinetic rawness to what Meg produces. The way she paints makes you want to move and create and do; “Childlike enthusiasm” would be a fitting description of her energy. The moment she has found what she wants to express in a given piece, she gets it out of her system as efficiently as possible so that she can dive headlong into the next vision she must actualize on canvas.

If you are to experience Frazier Studios first hand, it becomes apparent very quickly that the most brilliant skill on display is Meg’s interactions with people. Most artists get a rap for being surly or antisocial; some just straight up can’t deal with the human species without introducing large amounts of foreign substances into their system. With Meg, you’ll get someone who is dedicated to her craft and is passionate about passing on what she knows, whether her students know a lick about painting or not—no previous experience might be even better!

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Frazier Studios has a variety of group painting events tailored to allow amateur painters to show up and experiment with their desire to put brush to canvas. Overseeing it all is Meg, flitting between students with a mile-wide smile, offering words of encouragement and the insightful instruction of a masterful teacher.

When we think of what it means to be Industrie, Frazier Studios certainly lives at the crossroads of beauty and substance. Check it out. See if you don’t agree.

For more information visit Frazier Studio’s website.

Images courtesy of Frazier Studios.