EXPOSÉ: ARROJO TriBeCa becomes the TriFecTa

This is not just another story about a salon owner opening up a new location; it’s about the next phase for ARROJO’s one-of-a-kind culture and belief system.

A dream many salon owners have is to someday open up a second location. If they are feeling adventurous, they consider adding a third. And if they’re really going for a “dream big” moment, they imagine themselves opening up an academy. They want to do it all—own, operate, style, educate, manage and lead. But what they are forgetting is it’s not all about having it all. It’s about creating a culture, and most importantly, evolving it.

Arrojo Tribeca New York Salon

Take for instance Nick Arrojo. For those of you not familiar with Nick, he is a brilliantly successful salon owner with an impressive background: Sassoon-trained, appeared on television, has one of the most successful salons in NYC. Honestly, I can talk for days about all the things Nick Arrojo has done for the industry, for hairdressing, and for his clients, and we’ll do that later on down the road. But today, we’re going to talk about his new endeavor—ARROJO TriBeCa and what this means for salon professionals, salon clients and the culture he has spent years creating.

“It’s amazing to think about the progress and imprint we’ve made. We are recognized globally for our excellence, integrity, and advancement of hairdressing. We’ve just begun. The most exciting times are still to come. We believe in evolving, improving, elevating the craft and ARROJO TriBeCa is the perfect place to do it. It will redefine the expectation of a world-class facility,” says Nick.

Arrojo TriBeCa

About ARROJO TriBeCa

What makes this building really unique is the fact that it used to be a community center that was vacant and in need of a facelift and some repurposing. Who knows how long it would have sat empty if it weren’t for Nick and his team discovering it after months of searching for a new space. After months of cleaning, remodeling, and updating, ARROJO TriBeCa, the third salon space for Nick, officially opened its salon doors July 6, 2015

Located in the hip, downtown TriBeCa NYC neighborhood, this spacious and breathtakingly beautiful 16-chair boutique salon and retail store spans 12,500 square feet. Before we continue, you’re probably doing a little math in your head right now, asking yourself, “Why would a 16-chair salon require 12,500 square feet? That’s a lot of square feet for 16 chairs and some retail products.” You’re absolutely right, which leads into the need to mention the following…

In addition to this 16-chair salon space, there is also a lecture theater complete with 75 red cinema seats, a media center and photo studio, mezzanine show stage and auditorium, a 38-chair student clinic floor and several amazing classrooms.

Arrojo Tribeca New York Salon Arrojo Tribeca New York Salon Arrojo Tribeca New York Salon

For the Pros

What does this mean for salon professionals? Everything. It’s a multi-use space that will incorporate hands-on and lecture. Day-to-day, it will be used as a Cosmetology School and Advanced Academy that will redefine what an inspirational hairdressing education center can be. It will also include live-streams, business learning, and online seminars. And you know with the ARROJO name attached to it, it’s going to be a pretty big deal thanks to everything Nick holds true to his heart.

“I believe education is the foundation of a lasting, prosperous, and rewarding career. I believe education can raise standards of craftsmanship and professionalism throughout our industry. I believe education is the backbone of strong technique, of creative expression, of confidence with clients, of feeling motivated and inspired, of success in any field of hairdressing.”

For the Clients

Since the space does have a 16-chair salon it will serve ARROJO’s existing clientele, encouraging even more Manhattanites to do, what ARROJO likes to call, the “Great Hair Strut”—you know, that walk that occurs when you leave the salon looking and feeling like a million bucks. Something else that should get mentioned is how education will be occurring on the floor not just for the pro, but also for the client, something Nick is all for.

Arrojo Tribeca Salon Arrojo Tribeca New York Salon Arrojo Tribeca Salon

“To maintain the standards of hairdressing that I expect, our stylists must complete an intensive training program,” says Nick. “Through advanced education initiatives, each year we also train thousands of hairdressers across America. But education doesn’t stop there. I also believe in educating clients. We provide hair care advice and styling tips and tricks to help you get the most enjoyment, and beauty, out of your style every day. After all, when you look good, we look good.”

The Future

Even though TriBeCa just opened, Nick and company already have a multitude of events and education on the horizon. If you’re in the NYC area or if you’re salon pro looking to further your education, you have a new place to visit. Their culture isn’t for one specific group—it’s for everyone who loves beauty.

For more information about ARROJO TriBeCa, please visit www.arrojonyc.com

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