A Daring, Thoughtful Collection is Worth 1,000 Words

What do you think of when you see a collection? Most of the time, we are wowed by the artist’s skill level and technical prowess, but a collection can be about more than just beauty. Creating a strong collection of imagery can be a powerful tool for communicating a brand persona.

When we spotted the Unrestricted collection on Z. One Concept’s social media, we reached out immediately to see if we could get our eager little hands on it.

Why? Because this was more than a stunning collection of creative color work, it was a strong visual representation of what the company stands for: creativity in partnership with craftsmanship, and a culture devoted to cultivation through inspiration. Creating a well thought-out collection is a subtle approach to branding. It communicates the strengths and benefits of Z. One Concept’s products, by showing them in action. The careful selection of models, wardrobe, and lighting all work together to tell a story of a bright future—the way to which is paved by artistry running wild.

Unrestricted collection copper long bob

The overall feel of the shoot, the looks and even of the presentation itself is bright and fun while maintaining a balance with being edgy and fashion-forward. Most importantly, the takeaway feeling is that this is a fashion-minded, high-line beauty brand that is approachable.

Unrestricted collection threaded braids

The featured looks push the boundaries while remaining wearable and the overall presentation doesn’t take itself too seriously. Instead, you get the sense that the company and its artists just wanted to making something cool and share it with the rest of the world.

By sharing the exact steps behind their work, they are encouraging others to go out and make something cool of their own to share.

Which is a pretty great ethos, if you ask me: create, share, and inspire others to do the same.

Unrestricted collection platinum and blue bob

For those familiar with Z.One Concepts and their family of products, (milk_shake haircolor, care, and styling as well as the ultra-luxury care and styling line No Inhibition, are the two main brands in the U.S.) you will know that this feel is consistent with the brand and products themselves. Beautiful and high-quality, but playful at the same time.

Name another brand with an in-salon service that involves whipping up a swirled direct dye/treatment confection chair-side in a martini glass???

The creative color work in this collection is definitely “so haute right now,” but the techniques and placements are timeless and easily applied to more natural tones and looks. The seamless blending and tonal shades make creative color somehow seem less intimidating or trendy. They become a natural extension of each model’s unique look.

Unrestricted Collection long magenta brunette

This unique approach to creative color is what is ultimately so impressive about this particular collection. It is not long wavy balayage that could be classified as “unicorn,” “rainbow,” “mermaid,” or any other hashtag friendly term. This color work isn’t really about the color at all, it’s all about the placement.

This is grown-up creative color. This is creative color for the client who is forging and refining a unique personal style—not blindly following a trend.

Unrestricted collection red pixie

By including full step-by-steps for each look, Z. One Concept makes this collection not only inspirational and an effective branding piece, but immediately beneficial to salon professionals and their customers as well.

For stylists who have embraced the notion of bespoke beauty, this collection becomes a useful too. Unrestricted functions well as both a lookbook for in-salon clients to become inspired by and as an educational tool for stylists to broaden their skills.

The Unrestricted collection is creative, it’s thoughtful, and it’s useful. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that.

Unrestricted collection pink platinum short cut with bangs

Click here to see the full Unrestricted Collection on Z. One Concepts’ site.

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