Click! by Sue Pemberton

It’s got shine, personality and a whole lot of creative color placement. It’s as if something tangible “clicked” in Sue Pemberton’s creative spirit to rouse such a collection. It won her a NAHA, but that comes as no surprise. The fluid tones and bold, earthy palette draw the eye in, while high-impact, glossy shine grabs hold of your gaze and keeps it there. A true artist with hair for a canvas, Sue never ceases to produce museum-worthy pieces that we just can’t seem to get enough of! So, without further ado, feast your eyes on Click!

Spotlight_Collection_Artist_SP_CL_Image7 Spotlight_Collection_Artist_SP_CL_Image6 Spotlight_Collection_Artist_SP_CL_Image5 Spotlight_Collection_Artist_SP_CL_Image3 Spotlight_Collection_Artist_SP_CL_Image2 Spotlight_Collection_Artist_SP_CL_Image1

Hair Color: Sue Pemberton

Photography & Cutting: Damien Carney