A Daring, Thoughtful Collection is Worth 1,000 Words

What do you think of when you see a collection? Most of the time, we are wowed by the artist’s skill level and technical prowess, but a collection can be about more than just beauty. Creating a strong collection of imagery can be a powerful tool for communicating a brand persona.

When we spotted the Unrestricted collection on Z. One Concept’s social media, we reached out immediately to see if we could get our eager little hands on it.

Why? Because this was more than a stunning collection of creative color work, it was a strong visual representation of what the company stands for: creativity in partnership with craftsmanship, and a culture devoted to cultivation through inspiration.

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Aubrey Loots: The Obi-Wan Kenobi of Authenticity

When a brand chooses to provide their customer-base with ongoing education, it is essential for the brand to have educators who are aligned with its mission, vision, and values, who also have the proper set of skills to impart their knowledge and wisdom to those who attend their events. More importantly, to really leave a

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How to write a strong mission statement (backed by vision & values)

Every business goes into business for a reason. Far beyond simply “making money,” a company that is setting itself up for long-term success will think long and hard about its mission, vision, and values. While most people start with their mission statement, we are going to make the case for working backwards and using the vision and

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What Sonya Dove Taught Me About Self-Love

Brands spend a lot of time, money, and thought into putting on a live performance and presentation. They have an idea and expectation of what the audience will witness and take away and work diligently on ensuring their end goal is achieved. But what happens when they leave all the power in the hands of

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Authentic Messaging: Why Paris Needs A Re-Brand

An authentic brand is a way to give a business, product, person or, for our purposes, a destination a persona. This helps potential clients and customers form an emotional connection and lead to long-term success. A recent trip to Paris made me reevaluate how we portray those personalities and exactly how in-depth branding can really go. Creating

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How to Sell Products without Actually Selling Them

This third volume of the Master Guide to Thinning Hair was arguably the hardest one to create. How to Care for Thinning Hair is the first volume in our series that really focuses on NIOXIN products, which can present a bit of a challenge. After all, how can we showcase and present a line of

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How To Apply The KonMari Method To Your Work

It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at our work as just a collection of projects and clients, or “things that we do on a daily.” However, if we can take a step back for a moment and start to think of it more like its own unique system, it becomes clear that

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Do You Need To Conduct A Self-Edit on Yourself?

Last week, while I was attending Sebastian Professional’s What’s Next Awards (WNA) in Dallas, Texas, I was given the opportunity to go backstage and speak with the nine finalists competing in three categories; student, professional and affiliate. I could have asked them anything. I could have made them explain their creative process or talk about

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How to Perform a Brand Audit (& Why You Should)

Audits are a bit of a nasty business. It’s a scary sounding word that conjures up images of accountants in plain black suits shining flashlights into every little dark corner and crevice of your financial life to see exactly how big of a fine they can slap you with. This is not how a brand

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