Beauty Pros Need To Know How to Handle a Trend

When you are a beauty professional, one of the biggest parts of the job is being in the know about upcoming trends. Clients look to their stylists as a “beauty barometer” and trust them to know how to properly execute the latest and greatest looks coming down the trend pipeline. It’s one of the hardest parts of the jobs and also, one of the most important.

This is exactly why Matrix Professional recruited Chrystofer Benson and Dan Csicsai, two master hair artists, to teach their Matrix 2016 Trend class at next year’s Matrix Destination. This comprehensive class will show how the “trendmakers” turn an original inspiration into a personal style, giving attendees a sneak peak into how a trend is made. The class will focus on the latest in haircolor, cutting and styling techniques, giving stylists a 360 view of how to create the hair trends of tomorrow, from start to finish.

Matrix Destination 2016



Both Benson and Csicsai are beauty industry veterans, who certainly know how to not only spot, but to also create an emerging trend. After learning about their upcoming class at Matrix Destination 2016, we asked the duo a little about their own experiences in the beauty industry.

What is the one thing about hairdressing that you are most passionate about?

Benson: I love that I’m learning more every day!

Csicsai: Perfection, whether it’s color or styling!

What made you choose your class’s topic?

Benson: Every year, Matrix comes up with trends that convey art and style with hair. We are part of the team that creates these Matrix trends, so it was in point for us to share our behind the scenes as a glimpse of how it is brought to life.

Csicsai:  I love creating beautiful blondes, and I’m excited to teach this class as an upcoming trend!

What is the single biggest thing an attendee will be able to take away from Matrix Trend 2016?

Benson:  Attendees will learn how to take the trend and personalize it so they can recreate it at their salon. They’ll also learn about how the trend is comprised and put together.

Csicsai: Fully understanding the balayage concept and learning 3 different approaches or techniques to balayage.

Interested in taking Chrystofer & Dan’s Class? You can register for  Matrix Destination 2016, HERE.

*Written in partnership with our friends at Matrix Professional