ARROJO Presents Alpha

To support and help promote the new ARROJO Men’s Barbering & Grooming program slated for 2017, ARROJO has created Alpha; a men’s hair editorial collection inspired by legendary musician and frontman/songwriter for Roxy Music, Mr. Bryan Ferry.

Those who had the pleasure of attending ARROJO EXPO (like our very own Erin Hundley) got an exclusive first glance at the collection along with an in-depth overview presented by ARROJO Master Stylists Rea Winter, Paul Merritt, and Crystal Blu during the Welcoming Cocktail Party at the ARROJO TriBeCa location. This presentation was to show the key shapes, styles, trends, and techniques from this new, forthcoming collection. Techniques range from strong military-inspired clipper work to razored layers, to freehand dry cutting. Square and lean layered shapes with neat edges but with plenty of internal texture and toughness.

arrojo-paul-merritt-alpha-1 arrojo-paul-merritt-alpha-2 arrojo-paul-merritt-alpha-3 arrojo-paul-merritt-alpha-4

Alpha captures the current zeitgeist of men’s style and the key grooming products used were: ARROJO wave mist, defining cream,  styling cream, daily conditioner (as a leave-in).

alpha8 alpha7 alpha5

Bringing a collection to life—the pre-shoot planning, the model call, all the day of cutting, coloring, and styling, and everything in between—is extremely time-consuming. When “that’s a wrap” gets shouted and everyone toasts to a day well spent on location, people disperse, fingers get crossed, and photos get edited.

But then what?

What do you do with the photos afterward?

How do you roll them out, submit them to publications, and use them in your branding or marketing initiatives?

This is a question many artists and brands struggle with.

How am I/how are we going to get the most bang for our buck spent on creating this collection?

This is something we’re going to explore on a deeper level.

But for now, we can reflect back on the ways ARROJO has used these Alpha images. They turned a collection into a marketing message and as visual references during a live presentation. They’ve created a series of images that will represent what their new ARROJO Men’s Barbering & Grooming will encapsulate and have developed a men’s hair editorial collection that will be used to promote their talent and their ability to translate and establish trends.


Photo Credits: Loretta O’Connell, Marie Strippins & Jianping (Peggy) Huang. Collection Images: Jammi York

Collection Images: Jammi York