Anatomy of an Event: Wella International Trendvision Awards

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Wella International Trendvision Awards in the past couple of weeks. We’ve talked about the experience that we had and will continue to reveal what we learned in the way of trends for 2016 throughout the month. But here, we’d like to explain a little bit about Trendvision—in case you are not familiar— so that you can decide if it’s something that you’d like to participate in.

The parade of nations, an ITVA highlight.

While we can wax poetic about the incredible experiences that we’ve had at an event or the wonderful people that we’ve met, at the end of the day, events cost money and time. It’s important to fully understand what they are all about in order to make a decision about whether or not it’s right for you or your business to attend/participate. So, without further ado, here is our completely objective breakdown of ITVA:

What it is: At it’s core, Trendvision is a world-wide competition between Wella stylists from all walks and all salons. The forecasted trends are revealed to contestants ahead of time and they present their model entries at their own regional Trendvision Awards.

The International Trendvision Awards include the finalists from each region, who then present on a world stage. There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards given in two categories: Young Talent and Color Vision.

Anything else? As a matter of fact, yes. There are special presentations by Wella Creative Directors and renowned salons, and the big trend reveal for 2016. Essentially, Trendvision is a gathering of the Wella minds to forecast the trends and techniques that will be a major focus in the coming year. The “show flow” is as follows:

Day 1
Special breakout sessions with various Wella representatives including in-depth product knowledge sessions, new product launch details and an up close and personal look at the techniques behind the trends. This day is reserved for Media and attendees with special access.

Day 2
Morning: An opening presentation with awards in various categories for top performing Wella Salons followed by presentations by Wella Global Creative Directors and guest speakers.


Afternoon: A presentation of the ITVA competitors.


Evening: A presentation of the competition winners and awards ceremony.



The winners of ITVA

Who Presented: This year, there were presentations from Wella Global Creative Directors, Josh Wood and Eugene Soulieman, on Couture Color services and Runway looks (respectively), the presentation of a new collection from Sassoon that spoke to trending cuts and shapes being used by the team, and a glimpse into the world of the trends sweeping the streets of Japan with Shima Salon.

Where is it? The location of the International Trendvision Awards changes every year. This past year (2015) was Berlin, Germany and the 2016 location was announced at the very end of the event to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

How much does it cost? To be honest, we are not quite sure. From what we could gather, tickets are either gifted to top performing Wella salon owners and prospective Wella clients, with additional tickets made available for purchase for the salon teams. Tickets can also be purchased using Wella points. Attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses.

Should you or shouldn’t you? As we said, that’s your call. While there are a few formulas and techniques discussed, this is mainly an inspirational event, not an educational one. This event would be well suited to a Wella salon (or one that is considering carrying Wella products) whose clientele is mainly focused on setting trends, not following them. 

The looks presented take the pulse of fashion, avant-garde and creative hair and distill them down into wearable trends that can be used in the salon, but the high-fashion element still lingers. It requires a specific skill set and at least a mildly adventurous clientele to put the inspiration into practice.

However, if you’ve hit a rut, or have no idea what to do with your balayage skills other than another set of honey-colored highlights (and are in desperate need of a fabulous vacation to an exotic locale), then ITVA is a fantastic choice. The enthusiasm is palpable and you will have the chance to meet and mingle with Wella artists and salon owners from all around the globe.

If that’s not enjoyable networking, then we don’t know what is.

You can get more information and see ITVA 2015  for yourself, HERE


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