Anatomy of a Product: REDKEN Color Rebel

With new technologies and formulas, it’s a brave new world for temporary hair color. Redken Color Rebel allows beauty lovers and beauty pros alike the chance to play with trends like ombre or adding subtle highlights and shimmer, while only committing to the look for 2-5 shampoos. Color Rebel deposits an ultra fine micro-coating of polymer and clay-based color onto strands, making it resistant to water (think humidity and rain), brushing and heat styling.




What It Is: Temporary Hair Color

What It Does: Gives users a quick pop of color, that lasts for 2-5 shampoos

To Use Properly: Shake the dispenser, and apply to clean or day-old hair in a taut, sweeping motion. It’s best to start with a light layer of pigment and build on the color to create your desired look. Then air dry, or blow dry for faster results. Remove by rubbing in a few drops of hair oil to the colored areas of your hair. Massage each section,  follow with a shampoo and rinse.

REDKEN Color Rebel Available Colors

  • Limited Edition Knock ‘Em Blonde (blonde)
  • Limited Edition No Holds Brunette (brunette)
  • Limited Edition Hazel & Confused (hazel)
  • Limited Edition Rose Revolution (rose gold)
  • Limited Edition Call the Coppers (copper)
  • Red-y to Rock (red)
  • Rebel Without a Coral (coral)
  • Punked Up Pink (pink)
  • Purple Riot (purple)
  • Gilty as Charged (gold)


Visit the REDKEN website for more information about REDKEN Color Rebel.