Anatomy of A Product: Deconstructor from label.m

label m.’s Deconstructor is a bit of a multi-tasker. A soft, pliable paste, Deconstructor provides medium hold and a matte finish to accommodate a wide range of styles. If you’re the type who likes your style a little on the lived-in side, you’ll want to give this product a whirl. Deconstructor also supplies a little bit of lift and volume. Considering the fact that most of the men’s styles currently en vogue are a little on the lofty side, Deconstructor will help you skip the step of using an additional volumizing product.




What it Is A styling paste

What it Does: Provides volume, separation and hold.

To Use Properly: Work a small amount of Deconstructor into your palms first, to warm it up. Then, rake through your hair. Add more product as needed for additional hold.

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