Anatomy of a Look: Headromance’s Fierce & Feminine

In their recent collection Rebel, Rebel, the Headromance team set out to create a collection that denotes resisting control and tradition. They wanted each image in their collection to convey a woman’s fierceness and rebellion; looks that started out virile that were given a shatterable, softer, more feminine edge. “The inspiration behind the collection was originally from the military trends that littered the catwalks. We’ve always been fascinated with the tough and conforming which is contrasted with the feminine and free.” Emily Warne and Peter Gibbs, the lead stylists behind the collection share with us.


Several of the images spoke to us to the point of turning one of them into a hand-drawn illustration to represent the month of March’s overall theme: strength. Another image that caught our eye is the one seen here—the blonde with the tumbling curls and resilient gaze. As Justine stated in the collection, The Rebel, Rebel woman doesn’t seem to be trying to look strong, she just is. We asked the Headromance team to break down this look and provide us a bit more insight into its overall existence.

Here’s what they had to say:

The Woman

Who would be the ideal client/woman/consumer be to wear this hair style?

 A woman with an edge.

This style is classically feminine, but the slick wet look root gives it a more current, edgy twist.

Whats her ideal age?

 She is 18yrs to 40yrs. It is really a look for all ages. Big night out? Want volume? Want an edge? This is for you.

Whats her lifestyle?

It is modern, busy and stylish.

When would she wear this?

This is quite versatile. It is day or night, a job interview, a wedding, a work party, a girls night out, the big date, even the red carpet.

Where do you think she lives? Is she in the US? Australia? A UK kind of gal? Or is she an urban girl living anywhere around the world?

She is an urban girl living anywhere in the world.

The Hair

Tools Used: ghd air® Hair Dryer, ghd platinum™ Styler

Products Used: KMS Hair Stay Styling Gel, KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray, KMS Free Shape 2 + 1 Styling and Finishing Spray, KMS Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal

Hair Length: Long

Hair Type: All (NOTE: Level of volume will vary)

Step 1: Apply a good amount of KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray to wet hair through mid-lengths and ends and dry roots flat to head.

Step 2: After applying KMS Free Shape 2 + 1 Styling and Finishing Spray, straighten roots flat, working towards ends. When you reach eye level, twist hair into a curl.

Step 3: Don’t rake through the curls. Keep them separate and pieced, and apply KMS Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal and smooth through ringlets as a whole.

Step 4: Apply a generous amount of KMS Hair Stay Styling Gel to the root area and comb through to eye level. Allow product/hair to dry naturally or accelerate with hair processor.

What kind of tips can you offer to someone trying to recreate this style?

Don’t overthink it.

The Hair Color

The color is simple and natural. Floating highlights using a balayage technique with a pre-lightener and using the models very fair natural color as the base.

The Fashion

Tell us about the clothing and accessories used in this image?

 The Rebel, Rebel collection was all about guess what? Rebelling! The clothing is strong, military and masculine with contrasting feminine edgy hair.

What type of fashion “style” would one have to have to best support this hairstyle in everyday life?

 This type of fashion isn’t for the girly girls. This look is for the androgynous.

Where could you see this woman shopping? Is she one who strives to obtain the latest McQueen collection or is she more Zara with a little Topshop and some Uniqlo pieces mixed in?

She is into McQueen, Vivienne Westwood or even high street All Saints or Topshop—anywhere with accents of punk and grunge.

Since we cant see them in this photo, what brand/style of shoes would complete this look?

Military boots definitely!

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