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Hi There.

We are a boutique creative studio that specializes in creating custom content and marketing strategies for our clients in the beauty industry. We are serious about cultivating long-lasting, genuine partnerships with companies and artists that share our passion for authenticity, creativity, and innovation.

We are also pretty serious about food.

…and wine.

(and not much else).  

See, we believe that while beauty is most certainly a business, it is also inspiring, educational and well, fun.

And what could be more beautiful than that?

Our Objectives | To provide creative marketing and content services to the beauty industry by collaborating with companies and artists that share our passion for authenticity.

Our Ideals | To revolutionize the way that beauty is defined by celebrating the genuine beauty of everyday people.

Our Values | To create and maintain an environment (both online and off) that not only fosters creativity but also celebrates authenticity, passion, and diversity. To see and tell it like it is and to actively seek out and embrace change.

It’s been our absolute pleasure to “meet” you. If you’d like to get to know us better, feel free to:

Check out our Work.

Read our Story.

Browse our Shop.

Or just drop us a Line.

Your friends,

Kerri & Justine (Industrie)

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