A Creative Approach to Running Your Business

A lot goes into starting a business. In order to keep your vision growing strong, it can help to face your challenges with your strongest skill: creativity.

Q: I’m not experienced at running a business, how do I know what to do? (The answer will probably surprise you)

You’ve started your own salon, or are in a salon leadership position, but you haven’t run a business before. There’s so much to do, where do you even start and how do you know if you’re doing it correctly?

We talked to Ryan Baker, an experienced business owner and CEO of Timely Salon Software who gives some simple advice.

It’s often said that being a business owner, or leader, is a lonely position. It’s lonely because the final decision on most things comes down to you. The range of business topics you need to make a decision on is well outside your area of expertise. You love making clients feel beautiful and you know exactly how to do this. But you don’t love other things like balancing your accounts or keeping your website up to date. You doubt that you know how to do these things well.

I’m sorry, but yes you do!

Getting good advice from other people can help, but I encourage you first and foremost to look within yourself for the answers. You can totally do it.

You are in the beauty industry. You know what’s beautiful to you… and what is not. Ask yourself; is my business beautiful?

Beautiful is an awesome word. It can be applied to many things:

An elderly couple, still holding hands as they walk along the street.

An inventor’s clever solution to an everyday problem.

That new salon equipment that turned a 10-minute job into a 2-minute one.

The “B” word should be the first thing that comes to mind when you look at any aspect of your own business. The way your clients feel as they walk out the door; the way your staff treat your customers (and each other). The feeling your staff have towards coming to work; your marketing campaigns; the financial accounts; business processes like ordering stock; your booking software. Even your financial accounts!

Trust your instincts.

Do you do something in your business every day that doesn’t feel beautiful? Do you look at your accounts and think “Argh, this hurts my brain!” Don’t put up with it. Demand that they are organised in a way that makes sense to you.

Do you use a product, like a booking system or some salon equipment, which just doesn’t feel right? Get rid of it. Surround yourself with things that just work, beautifully.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Apply your inner measure as the salon’s business leader about what is beautiful and gets to stay and what is not beautiful so must be changed or removed.  When you do this, you will see the results over time. Each year that goes by you’ll look back on where you were before and be surprised how beautiful your business has become.

Don’t be lonely, trust your instincts and make everything beautiful.

Ryan Baker is the CEO of Timely Salon Software. Timely is dedicated to providing salons with the newest technology in order to increase their business productivity, promote themselves at a reasonable cost and ensure each salon runs smoothly.