9 Styling How-Tos from Sebastian Professional

These nine transformative looks from the Eclectic Collection consist of textures that are juxtaposed, coexisting within each unexpected look. Rough and smooth, braided and undone, simplistic elements from a ponytail to a twist are deconstructed and rebuilt into striking three-dimensional shapes. Buckles, clips, sticks, and strips of leather are deconstructed and repurposed into hair jewelry and act as the final touch of creativity.

Sebastian Global Art Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey break down each look and provide the styling how-tos and products that we used to create each look. These are techniques and looks you can master and build off of. Michael and Shay have put their own personal stamp on each look and now it’s time for you to add yours.

Twisted Sticks


Step 1: First the sides were separated diagonally, before a 2 – 3 cm wide section was created around the front hairline and put into a ponytail at the forehead. Shine Define was used to keep the ponytail in place.

Step 2: Next, a row of ponytails was created at the center, each time taking similar sections and placing them one after the other.

Step 3: Each ponytail was then twisted, sprayed with Shine Define, and pinned at the base, creating a line of twists in the middle connected in an almost continuous line.

Step 4: The style was then embellished with wooden sticks, put through the twists of hair, before being finished with Matte Putty.

Buckled Up


Step 1: Hair was first blow-dried with a blend of Taming Elixir and Potion 9, before the sides were sectioned off diagonally behind the ears, working from the central parting. Each side was then subdivided horizontally and a metal buckle placed on the lower part. The top part was then put through the metal buckle with the end of the tail comb.

Step 2: A horizontal parting was then created at the back, a metal buckle placed directly underneath and hair from the top put through it.

Step 3: The rest of the hair at the back was then clipped at the base of the neck with a second buckle. The tail from the first buckle was then put through the second to finish the look. Re-Shaper then used to smooth and calm any hair for the final look.

Clipped In


Step 1: Hair was first blow-dried with Trilliant before the top was sectioned off into a horseshoe shape, and separated from the sides.

Step 2: The bottom was sprayed with Dry Clean Only, and then the roots back-brushed in large sections. The surface was then cleaned and a low ponytail created using a metallic clip. More clips were added to embellish the look.

Step 3: The roots at the top were back-brushed using Dry Clean Only, the surface cleaned, and an extended shape created at the top. Shaper Fierce was used to secure and set the shape into place. A second ponytail was fixed with metallic clips placed one after the other, using smaller clips towards the end. To finish, the two ponytails were blended to create an extremely arched shape.



Step 1: Hair was prepped by layering Volupt with Texture Maker and then blow-dried. Three braids were created, two on each side of the head and one in the center.

Step 2: The three braids were then connected into a ponytail at the nape.

Step 3: The look was finished by weaving a strip of leather through the braids.



Step 1: First, hair was blow-dried with Thickefy Foam. Four braids were then created, two on each side coming from the middle parting and shaped using Craft Clay.

Step 2: The four braids were then connected at the back, and wrapped together with a strip of leather.

Step 3: Metallic plates were then fixed to the strip of leather using double-sided tape, and placed on the head between the braids. Craft Clay was used to finish the style with soft texture. Hair was secured with Shaper Fierce

Pinned In


Step 1: Hair was first prepped with Potion 9. The top was then sectioned off into two parts: crown and front. Mousse Forte was added to the bottom before the hair was blow-dried and put into a ponytail at the nape.

Step 2: The front section was blow-dried close to the head shape using Mousse Forte, before being added into the same ponytail.

Step 3: The crown was then set using Mousse Forte and a round brush, then brushed out and backcombed to create an airy, rounded shape at the back.

Step 4: The top end of the ponytail was then braided, wrapped with a strip of leather, and decorated with metal pins. Texture was created at the back, using Shaper Fierce to finish the look.

Double Knot


Step 1: Hair was first prepped with Dry Clean Only and a blow dryer, before backcombing the roots at the front.

Step 2: A loose ponytail was created at the crown, bent into a loose bun, and fixed with elastic.

Step 3: A second bun was a created lower down, leaving some hair free at the back. The look was embellished with a strip of leather, wrapped around the two buns, before being finished with Shaper Fierce.



Texture created with a mix of Texturizer and Gel Forte, applied on damp hair and then air-dried. Look finished with Shaper Fierce.

Let Loose


Smooth surface created by blow-drying Potion 9 into hair with a round brush. Texture finished with Sublimate crème. Finish with Shaper Plus for added hold.

Want a lesson in self-expression? Let Sebastian Global Art Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey give you one, HERE.