5 Basic Tips For A Strong Brand Identity

Much like being a successful creative, branding is a mix of art and psychology. Having a strong brand can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to attracting long-term potential clients. Here are our top five tips for those looking to either get started or get a brand makeover.

Know Thyself (& Your Clientele)

The strongest brands start with a strong foundation: an intimate knowledge of their business identity and their clientele. Without a clear understanding of what your business is, who it speaks to and what it has to say, it is impossible to design a look to communicate that to your potential clients.

ff Bezos quote about have a strong brand

Clarity is Key

Your branding should follow the three-second rule: within three seconds of visiting your space/seeing your website/viewing one of your printed materials, a potential client should be able to tell if it’s a good fit for them. Clients identify personally with a strong brand, that initial impression is what decides whether or not you get the opportunity to make them a loyal customer.

Consistency is King

Your branding should be extended into everything that touches your business, from your space to your social media. Everything that you put out there is a reflection of your business. It may seem like overkill, but reinforcing your branding through every channel creates loyalty and breeds an air of reliability.

Once your client has determined that your business is a good fit (see above) they are reassured that you will continue to be so, no matter what the outlet.

Color Matters

Ever wonder why Tiffany’s boxes are that particular shade of blue? The way that color affects our brains and behavior is truly fascinating. The strongest brands choose a color that immediately communicates their brand identity.

That Tiffany blue? It’s customized and trademarked. No one else in the world can use it for branding or product purposes. This establishes Tiffany’s as being custom, luxurious and nearly unattainable…all things that you want to convey for a high-priced jewelry line.

A Font is Worth 1000 Words

Whether you’re using a particular font for your logo (like ours) or for your website and/or printed materials, your choice matters immensely. Choose the wrong font and it could make your business look amateur. Choose too many fonts and everything looks cluttered and chaotic.

The general rule of thumb is to choose one or two fonts that fit your brand and use them on all of your materials.

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