1ON1: After the Awards: Hermiz Daniel

Hair Expo Exclusive: 2015 New Creative Force Award Winner

Hermiz Daniel is the ultimate fashionista and his hairdressing skills are of those well beyond his years. He has many awards under his belt already, as a platform artist and also a style director for Joey Scandizzo Salon. While balancing all of this may seem like more than enough to most, he likes to push himself to achieve the looks he wants. This has never been more evident than in his winning collection for Hair Expo’s New Creative Force category. Take for instance, the gladiator helmet he discusses below, in the interview we conducted after he had some time to relish his win.

Tell us about the inspiration for this collection. Where did it come from?

The inspiration behind this collection came from the ancient queens counting back thousands of years ago. I loved how strong they were and how they used to get involved in joining in with their armies to go to war and still managed to look amazing. I guess you can say strong, female leaders inspired it.

How long did it take for this collection to go from inspiration to reality?

For this collection it took me 9 months to prepare, and that’s starting ideas and sketching them first on my iPad. One look in particular took me about 3 years to figure out how to do it.

Why did you choose this specific team to work with and these models?

It’s important to have a good team behind you that understands what you want. I find it easy communicating with this team since they can read me easily and translate my ideas into reality.

What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome on this shoot?

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The biggest obstacle I had on this shoot was the gladiator helmet look—the one that took me three years to figure out how to make. In a way I had to fight gravity.  

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How can the inspiration from this shoot be translated into a wearable trend?

I don’t think I would say these are wearable looks since it falls into the avant garde section, but by all means if anyone is interested to wear it they can. Especially Lady Gaga! [Laughing]

What one thing about this collection are you most proud of?

I’m never completely proud of my work. I try to stay humble and grounded because there is always room for perfection. But if you insist, I wouldn’t say I’m proud, but happy that I actually did the look that took me three years to finish.

If you had to describe this collection in only 3 words, what would those be?

The three words that describe my collection are “Strong, Feminine and Daring.”

Which image is your favorite one from the collection and why?

My favorite is the helmet look because it was hard to achieve.

Let’s talk about the overall feel and trends you incorporated into the hair shape, texture, color, makeup and fashion.

For the hair shape, I tend to mix strong shapes with soft ones to create a new look. I chose textures that look like hair. As for hair color, I stuck to earthy colors, blondes, pastels and a hint of red. Makeup for this collection was kept soft and almost seamless. For the fashion, we worked with a bit of texture but kept it simple to make the hair stand out.

Do you think there is a specific style to Australian hairdressers, and if so, what is it?

I would say yes, definitely, that Australia has its own style with hairdressers although everyone is individual. I would say that we are extremely fashion-forward when it comes to hair.

Do you think the the hairdressers in Australia are different from elsewhere in the world? And if yes, how so?

Every hairdresser is different from one another, regardless of their country. But yes Australia is different to other countries. Couldn’t tell you how, but when people do their research they will find that Russia is different to USA, Australia is different to the UK, and so on.

What does it mean to win New Creative Force?

To win the New Creative Force Award means that I actually got recognized for the work I do since it’s a tough competition to be in and up against other entrees from Australia! I mean, wow, now that I think about it I came in first in Australia for that category! So humbled!

What’s next for you?

What is next for me? That’s a big question because there is always a “next thing” to do. It’s never ending whether it is winning more competitions, travelling for work, working with celebrities or even opening my own salon. Who knows, maybe all of the things I mentioned! [Laughing]

Who is your hairdressing mentor?

My hairdresser mentor at the moment is my boss, Joey Scandizzo! Other than him, anyone whose work I like. For example, Angelo Seminara!