Why Tracey Hughes’ Optique Collection Has Us Thinking

As we take a journey through Tracey Hughes’ collections, a globally recognized name in the beauty industry and also our Artist in Residence for the month of April, we move onto learning a bit more about this stunning collection titled, Optique.

Optique represents and embodies the image of the modern woman. Inspired by French romanticisms, the striking black and white collection captures iconic, classic and contemporary feminine looks. Focusing on the beauty of the modern woman, Tracey exploited a combination of smooth shapes combined with disheveled textures. In return, the inspiration translated into producing alluring glamour for appealing simplicity.

The challenge creatives like Tracey often face, which Justine touched on in her “Why I Love Qualia” piece, is the fact that creating collections are labor intensive, expensive and often completely unwearable. But as Tracey explains with Optique, these finished looks can always be diluted into a wearable trend since she believes that creativity stems from an understanding of classic techniques. The romanticisms of these images would appeal to all women to translate them into a wearable look that would suit each person individually.

We agree with Tracey when she said Optique has a timeless appeal. It is romantic and it captivates the senses. It also embodies a morsel of the other three collections we’re featuring this month. It shares the black and white space with Qualia, but with a bit more strength and a dash more fashion-forwardness. Optique celebrates the pairing of sleek styling with strategic texture seen in Kooky, and it mirrors the precision cutting techniques seen in Chucoteur.

When we asked Tracey to describe this collection using only three words, she replied with, “Romanticism, Iconic, and Captivating.”

We couldn’t agree with her more.


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