Why I Love My Chucoteur Collection by Tracey Hughes

Part of the deal with accepting an invitation to be an Industrie Artist in Residence is that the artist invited has to choose one of his or her own collections to write about. So much goes into conceptualizing and creating these works that it can be a bit like choosing between your own children. Here, Tracey Hughes explains why she chose Chucoteur as her featured “Why I Love” collection and what it took to bring it to life:

“I have chosen Chucoteur as a collection that stands out to me as one of my favorites because of the simplicity. No fashion and clean skin with minimal makeup draw the focus to the hair. The clean-cut minimalist lines and harmonious combination of tones balance the exquisite structures.

Inspired by clean-cut minimalist lines, the collection displays a deliberate contrast between precise simplicity and conscious provocation. Smooth linear lines combined with disheveled textures are timeless, minimalistic and yet highly impressive shapes. Strategic color placement with luminous pockets of color delivers a fresh vibrant perspective, perfectly balancing the exquisite structures.

Our lead-time in planning a collection is usually 3 months. This allows sufficient time to build the inspiration, organize the logistics and develop the team collaboration. Occasionally, we do this in less than one month if the need arises and we are inspired to produce another shoot. We work utilizing the talent within our own team members and we have two favorite photographers that we have a long-term relationship with. Therefore, we select who we feel suits the specific inspiration best.

When selecting models, we generally like to work with ones we also have a relationship with too and like to have models that are slightly more quirky than commercial in their look. Our greatest obstacle we face with every shoot is ensuring we confirm the models prior to determining the hair look. Then the challenge is to develop the hair look based on the inspiration and storyboard so the looks suit each model individually.

Easy-to-create-at-home looks encourage messy or highly textured and undone waves with grunge appeal that is tough, chic and cool enduring throughout this season’s contemporary trends.

I particularly love the color combinations of opposing tones throughout all the images but in particular image #1 (the copper mint) and image #6 (the pink and yellow smudging into blonde). If I had to describe this collection in three words, I feel like it could be described as ‘Subdued, Harmonious, and Exquisite.’

Image #2 (the pastel blonde messy braids) is my favorite out of this particular collection. I love the image because the model is beautiful and really captures the emotion in her face combined with the looseness and softness of the hair creating a stunning result.

All of this is why I love Chucoteur.”

You can learn Tracey’s signature techniques via the training manual available on her site, HERE.



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