What Can A Strong Brand Teach Us About Life?

Branding is a very important part of building a business. A strong brand identity can create long-term customer loyalty and improve sales over time, both of which are the main ingredients to success and profitability.

While every business has its own unique identity, there are certain brands who take that idea to the absolute extreme, causing us to have an immediate emotional association every time we hear their name or see one of their products.

One of those brands is Oribe.  Here, we examine what goes into creating such a powerful brand identity and how it affects all facets of their business.

Much like the brand’s namesake iconic hairdresser, the entire notion of Oribe’s branding centers around being incomparably exceptional. The brand’s mission statement—These are the Products of the Hair-Obsessed—reflects the culture that they have aspired to create.

When we spoke to the people of Oribe, they explained that every beauty category has a good, better and best, with the exception of the hair category. It was this notion that set them on their journey to bring something extraordinary in performance to the beauty consumer.


In order to achieve this, Oribe set about creating a “craftsman-style” hair care line for sophisticated hairdressers and their clients. While they refused to compromise on any detail during product development, their number one focus was always on quality.

To truly project a feeling of luxury throughout the product experience the brand collaborated with a famed New York-based design firm on their highly unique packaging.

They wanted every detail to be carefully crafted and nuanced to project a new direction in hair-care. The architectural facets and striking jewel tones perfectly blend old-world heritage with modern elegance and sophistication, which is something the hair-care category has never seen before.


As good branding is a reflection and extension of the product offered, Oribe illustrates that in order to project and sustain a feeling of luxury, the products inside need to live up to their refined packaging.

In order to create a truly unique luxury product, the brand leveraged skin-care technology and natural actives to deliver high-performance, treatment-based products—all while never forgetting that healthy hair is really the underpinning for sexy, glamorous styling. They worked with unique formulators and artisans in each category to develop a world-class collection.

Each product was tested at length on set, backstage at runways and photo shoots, and in the salon to ensure every nuance was intentional and deliberate. Some products can take as long as a year to go from concept to market and the brand will not introduce anything into the collection unless it fits with the brand’s overall vision to create the highest performing products in the salon environment and retail marketplace.

When our salons combine their passion for hair with their excitement for fashion it comes together to create an art form.


Oribe’s commitment to their brand philosophy extends all the way down to the salons that carry their products. The most important factors when choosing a salon to partner with are a commitment to the art of hairdressing as well as a passion for using high-quality products in order to create glamorous hair.

While logistical aspects such as the salon’s reputation and overall aesthetic are considered, the focus has always been on the obsession with hair and hair education. Specifically, the brand looks for hairdressers and salon owners that have a fascination with fashion and the art of hairdressing.

An Oribe hairdresser, as the brand explains, is always taking from the world of fashion and using it to inspire them behind the chair.

Oribe hairstylist

Branding is a universal concept that not only applies to business but can also be applied to our everyday lives. Much of the same lines of thinking that go into developing a strong brand identity can also be applied to our own personal identity.

Like brands, we are all selling something, whether it be our skills and talents for a career or our attributes for a relationship or friendship. What we can learn from companies with a strong brand identity is that the most successful are the ones that have a strong, clear vision.

They start with a solid philosophy and develop themselves and their products with that philosophy in the forefront.

Every decision and action begins and ends with what the brand envisions for itself according to its own unique mission. Perhaps if we all took this approach to not only our businesses but our lives, it may make the path to success just a little bit clearer.

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