1ON1: The Judges for Wella TrendVision Awards 2016

In our “Meet the NATVA Winners” series on Instagram, we took the six winners of Wella’s North America TrendVision Awards on a “60 Seconds with Industrie” interview session backstage and had them all answer the same question, “What did you learn about yourself during this entire process?” We also put the judges through the same stress-inducing interview speed round, but with a different self-reflecting, two-part question. 

During the press briefing that was held a couple hours before the actual awards show kicked off, members of the press were given the opportunity to interview each judge. But…there was a catch. Since there were six judges and more than two dozen editors and publishers in the room, there was a small window of time allotted to spend with each judge, so our questions had to be quick and their responses had to be delivered at lightening speed.

Moments before this “speed dating” was supposed to start, I asked myself the following:

Do I ask these judges the questions they’re all expecting like…

“What are you looking for from the competitors?”

“What inspires you?”

“What kind of advice can you give to the competitors or future competitors?”


Do I try and stump them with a question they’re least expecting?

I went with the latter because I’m kind of a jerk.

So when it was my time to be face-to-face with each judge, I gave each one of them about 60 seconds to answer the following two-part question:

Why were you selected to be a judge this evening?

What qualities are you bringing to the table?

Here’s how the Wella TrendVision Award 2016 Judges Larissa Love, Kiyah Wright, Martino Cartier, Sergi Bancells, Stephan Wierzbicki, and Jason DeCaprio answered my speed round interview session:

First up…America’s Sweetheart, Miss Larisa Love


Why were you selected to be a judge this evening?

That is a very good question and a very difficult question! Honestly, I have no friggin’ clue! [Laughs] All I know is that it is the most humbling experience I have ever witnessed in my whole career.

 What qualities are you bringing to the table?

I think I’m bringing a different perspective because I think I am the youngest judge on the panel. Everyone has his or her own way of looking at color and cutting, and since I am a very well rounded stylist, I can bring something new to the judge’s table by seeing it all from a different eye.

Next up, Kiyah Wright


I think I was selected to add a little diversity to the panel. There’s a lot of diversity in the competition and I feel like it’s only fair to have a little diversity behind the scenes as far as the judges are concerned because I may be looking for something a little bit different. I’m also a Clairol Professional Ambassador!

One of the things I look for are the details. Because I work in the entertainment industry, we look at the overall image of the artist. I want to see great hair and beautiful makeup and that the clothes match the hair. For me, the overall image is what I’m looking for. I want to make sure everything you are doing today is a complete marriage; everything being created has to work together.

You’ve seen him on stage and wowing audiences by the droves…

Mr. Martino Cartier


I don’t know why I was selected to be a judge! They probably felt sorry for me! [Laughs] No, I’m just kidding. Wella gave me an award for philanthropy yesterday, which was really surprising. I didn’t know that was happening, so maybe that’s why I’m here as a judge. They asked me to come to this VIP event to talk to prospective Wella salons to share what and why I love Wella and why I use it. Well, the event had nothing to do with that. They tricked me! I was presented with a great award and I’m thrilled they invited me to be a judge tonight.

I told someone else today that I’m ‘American Idol’s’ Paula Abdul of Trend Vision. [Laughs]. Honestly, I brought a big motivational aspect to the judging. I motivated them all to be proud of themselves and if they do lose tonight, don’t leave and give up.

We love seeing him at events and can’t get enough of his delightful accent, Estetica’s Sergi Bancells.


I was selected because I’m the General Manager of Estetica USA and I’ve been working in the industry for 20 years. I’ve been able to judge a lot of competitions around the world, but this is my first time judging Wella TrendVision and I’m very excited.

I think the people who work in the publishing industry have a trained eye. We look at thousands of images, year after year, so our trained eye can look for the little details. Another judge may be focused on maybe the color formula or the styling, but publishers and editors, we’re looking for the image and the look that will work for the cover of a magazine. All of us judges have a different perspective, but together we complement each other.

We tried to interview Wella’s Stephan Wierzbicki’s magnificent beard, but it wasn’t interested.


I’m part of the Wella family and have been for 17 years and I was also a judge for Canada.

My vision and what I like in hair and how to work a trend. Also my experience—I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years now and have worked fashion week and have done a lot of editorial work.

And it’s always great to meet the people who own successful salons who are passionate about supporting talented hairdressers like salon owner Jason DeCaprio.


I bring a salon owner’s aspect to TrendVision. It’s a different perspective—show me some beautiful hair, beautiful shapes, and color.

I’ve been an educator for many years, especially in my salon, and I’ve been in this industry since I was 13. I’m looking for the progression of a story. How it goes from an idea to the actual stage and I’m very particular on the storyline. I want to see the pictures and the storyboards. Show me the changes that have gone on. I look for the intricacies and that’s why I believe I am here and what I’m bringing to the table.

To see how the Wella TrendVision Awards 2016 Winners answered our “60 Seconds with Industrie” questions, please check out the photo series on Instagram @industriebeauty.

Photo Courtesy: Dylan Kelly @shotbydylan

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