I Am Me: Wearable Hair from é SALON

We continue on our journey in exploring the minds of those who create collections and carry on our understanding of why and what drives them to do so, we go inside the creative and collaborative minds of é SALON’s Emiliano Vitale and Lisa Muscat Vitale and discover the thought process behind their latest collection titled “I Am Me.”

As we’ve learned, collections provide multiple purposes and fulfill various needs. For the individual creating it, the series of images can act as salon imagery, be submitted for editorial consideration, be entered into an award competition, inspire others and satisfy a need to create. For the viewer, it can stimulate one to either translate or attempt to recreate, serve as inspiration or an image of reference, or just playfully dance in one’s mind. The challenge, though, which I feel like many creators and their audience members face, is translating something to be wearable for the everyday man or woman. If an image, from the makeup to the styling to the hairdressing and hair color, is very avant-garde, then translating that can be a challenge, not necessarily a bad challenge, but an overall challenge to say the least. This is not the case with “I Am Me.” This collection was created to be wearable, translatable and completely commercial.

Explained by Emiliano Vitale and Lisa Muscat Vitale themselves, the key objectives for creating the “I Am Me” collection are:

  •    To highlight the value and effect of fundamental hairdressing skills – to both the hairdresser and consumer.
  •    To inspire hairdressers with solid technique and execution.
  •    To create something classic yet relevant. Relatable, translatable and educational.
  •    To create a series of images for daily, in-salon use which is commercial, original and wearable.

You can see, these are the very type of images that a salon professional can use as a point of reference and as visual examples when explaining a certain cut, color, style, and finish. From natural, disheveled texture with a heavy fringe to a classic pixie cut, “I Am Me” is a compilation of the everyday. From the whims of youth to the more conservative requirements of mature clientele, these are cuts, colors, and styles that are relatable, wearable and appealing to all ages and lifestyles. They can be customized to comfort levels and tweaked to personality types.

i-am-me-Emiliano-Lisa-Vitale-é-SALON 6 i-am-me-Emiliano-Lisa-Vitale-é-SALON 5 i-am-me-Emiliano-Lisa-Vitale-é-SALON 3 i-am-me-Emiliano-Lisa-Vitale-é-SALON 2 i-am-me-Emiliano-Lisa-Vitale-é-SALON 1i-am-me-Emiliano-Lisa-Vitale-é-SALON 7

What inspired Emiliano and Lisa to create a collection of this nature were the clean, tight, classic yet directional feel of i-D magazine covers—images that in all their cropped simplicity, command attention. “We were inspired by their use of the “covered eye,” they shared. “We used this as inspiration, translating the covered eye in each image. We were also inspired by the commercial, pared-back beauty-focus we associate with popular fragrance campaigns, however here, driven by haircuts.”


When casting for models, one of their key conditions were each model has to have beautiful, healthy skin. “The models had to ultimately possess a natural glow,” they explained. “This flawless base was accentuated with neutral tones across the eye, luminous cheekbones, and a subtle lip stain. It is modern, accessible beauty for all ages.” For styling, they went for a “less is more” slant. “Fashion takes a barely there approach throughout this collection, spelling back for hair and each models’ natural beauty to take center stage,” they added. “A nude palette defines minimalist bodysuits almost undetectable against flawless skin tones. This allows the hair to control each image, engaging viewers with the shape and craftsmanship detailing each design.”


And as we all know, a collection isn’t a collection until the camera captures the moment. “We ran against the typical é SALON choice of a colored background and elected something light, fresh and timeless—a color that would propel the flawless skin tones so definitive of this collection. The models’ vibe is relaxed and nonchalant, giving the haircuts energy and further enhancing the collection’s modernity. Once again inspired by the iconic covers of i-D magazine, each model was positioned and photographed with one hidden eye, underscoring an ability to commercialize a progressive concept/idea.”

In-Article Quotes_SEP_Artboard 2We now invite you to get to know Emiliano and Lisa on a more personal level in our 1ON1 interview with them where we discuss how they collaborate on a creative, professional and personal level, HERE.

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Hair: Emiliano Vitale and Lisa Muscat Vitale

Styling: Jonathan Ailwood

Makeup: Claire Reed

Photos: Paul Scala


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