Travel. It’s Good For You

How many articles have you read that tell you to travel? How many people have told you the same thing? Let me guess, most of them probably said that you would be broadening your horizons, learning more about yourself and seeing life from a different perspective.

Guess what?

They’re all right. This is another one of those articles and I am another one of those people. But, we are going to take it one step further: I will see your various reasons why travel is so important and I will raise you the solutions to all of your excuses for not traveling more often. Buckle up, it’s going to be a long, turbulent ride, with frequent stops in reality.


Size Doesn’t Matter

Traveling allows you experiences that you would never otherwise have. I am not necessarily talking about far-off, exotic locales where you don’t speak the language and have no idea what to eat, although those are an experience in themselves and we will talk about those benefits in a minute. Travel can mean something as small as going for a long drive and stopping in a town that you’ve never explored before. It doesn’t always have to be a long or expensive trip, what matters is that you are changing your scenery and finding something new.

To give you an example, I travel a reasonable amount. I’ve been lucky enough to visit other countries and see other cultures and meet a lot of interesting people. One of the most impactful trips I’ve taken wasn’t even in an airplane. I didn’t travel to a coast, or cross a large body of water. I visited a neighboring state and it changed my life perspective just a few degrees, though enough to make an impact.

Try Something New

Remember the “broadening your horizons” bit I mentioned earlier? Travel can do that in two ways: 1) By showing you a different way of life and 2) By offering you new experiences to try. When we try new things, we learn. When we learn, we better equip ourselves to make choices and become more interesting, plain and simple. It’s true, people who travel are more interesting to talk to than people who don’t. I’m stating that as a fact and if you disagree, I wholeheartedly invite you to state your argument in the comments below.

The one exception is the people who make travel their entire identity. You know the type I’m talking about. Those people are obnoxious and are not at all included in my “more interesting” group, because when it comes down to it, they aren’t really learning anything from their experiences, they are just adopting it and that’s not the same thing. Real learning comes from taking a lesson and allowing it to change you in some way, be that your person or your process. But I digress, back to the pros of travel….

Find Your Home

Taking ourselves out of familiar surroundings does much more than just shake up our daily routine and expose us to new and possibly educational things. It has the potential to show us where our home really is. I can tell instantly if a destination is somewhere that I could live or not. It’s an immediate, gut-feeling. To date, that’s only happened twice. Besides just showing us alternate places of habitation, sometimes a destination can show us what we appreciate about the home that we currently have. By examining what we loved or didn’t love about a certain destination, we can more closely examine our current situation and decide if we’ve got it pretty good where we are at, or if the grass is in fact, greener on that other side.

LA, for example, makes me enormously appreciative of the fact that I don’t live in LA. Not everyone feels that way (obviously) but I have a better appreciation for my own home, after visiting that particular destination. I don’t know how in tune you are with your gut, but if you go somewhere and get an immediate emotional reaction (you can learn more about that, HERE), that’s normally considered a gut-feeling. They are enormously powerful and by exposing ourselves to more and more new places, people and situations, we open ourselves to an exploration of varied internal emotional responses.

Now that I’ve made the case for why you should travel, let’s talk about how you do it. You can see all of the most common reasons for “not being able to travel” and a solution for each one, HERE.


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