Travel Easier: Things I Learned Along The Way

Have you ever been told, “You should write a book?” Normal life for me and my family is the fact that I have been away from home 200+ days a year for more than 25 of my 30 years as a hairdresser.  It always amazed me how many people thought I traveled a lot, and I thought that 200+ days a year away was normal. Social media made me realize most of my friends didn’t travel a lot, only the few friends I was traveling with did. The one question I’m always asked from friends that don’t travel a lot is, “How do you do it?”


My answer is this:  plan for success because failures always happen when you travel, don’t take things personally, make sure to go with the flow, and don’t take it personal when your flight gets canceled. When you travel, stuff happens, but there are a ton of things I have learned along the way. So now, in addition to sharing my travels, I’m going to share the “book” people have always said I should write about traveling, here.  Over the next year or so, in addition to my blogs about my travels and where I go, who I meet and what I did, I’m going to share my “book” about traveling one chapter at a time.

The funny part is the chapters, for the most part, wrote themselves starting with Remember You Are Going Someplace. This will be the one that kicks it all off. I’ll then follow with Packing Better, Play Games, Reality Wins, Ratings Matter, Plan Ahead, Live Local, Money Votes, Be Flexible, Have Fun Trying and more.

As the world gets smaller and we all travel more, I am amazed by how many Platinum, Diamond and 100K flyers there are. I am also surprised by the number of new flyers that I meet along the way.  I guess the best thing about traveling is that no matter what your day is like, it’s different than at home.
Travel-quote-patrick-mcivorAs social media grows, our voices and experiences inspire and help others way beyond what any travel guides could have in the past. Travel in many ways has gotten smaller again, but on a global scale. Today you can be in the same Uber that a friend left a good rating for, or choose an Airbnb because so many complete strangers recommended it that you know you will be in good hands. I like to think today there are too many opinions from others; it’s hard to be a bad person or be a bad experience, and not have someone leave a review, and since I’m being reviewed too, it is a two-way street.

So how do we make traveling easier? Well, there are a few things I have learned along the way and a great quote is “Travel is one expense that makes you richer.”  I’m excited to start next month with Chapter 1  – Remember, You Are Going Somewhere.

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