Tracey Hughes: The Takeaways That You Need to Know

This month, we did something a little different and spent some quality time with one single artist, Tracey Hughes. We chose Tracey for a lot of reasons, which you likely already know if you’ve read through our interview with her. We’ve learned a lot from talking with Tracey and analyzing her catalog of work and now, we’d like to reminisce a bit about a month well spent and share those lessons with you.

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Tracey Hughes

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Work/Life Balance Is Overrated

In her interview, Tracey told us that she has yet to find a work/life balance, mainly because her work is what she truly loves to do, which is what life is all about! She divides her time between doing the job that she loves and spending time with the family that she loves ( 1 husband + 2 dogs). Doesn’t sound so shabby.

>>Follow this link to read Tracey’s Interview


Less Really Is More

When explaining why she chose Chucoteur as her collection to focus on and write about, Tracey explained that the simplicity of the shapes in the hair allowed her the freedom to explore provocative color and movement. The minimal makeup and zero wardrobe used put the focus squarely on the hair by removing all distractions.

>>Follow this link to see the Chucoteur Collection

The Classics Always Come Back

In Optique, we learned that timeless shapes are the perfect foundation to explore new looks with. By exaggerating shapes or manipulating textures you can find a new way to show a look that you’ve seen before. Remember, the classics are old standbys for a reason—they work. So, experiment a little to find a way to make them work for you.
>>Follow this link to see the Optique Collection


It Takes A Lot Of Skill To Look Natural

While it’s truly admirable to stretch your creative legs and whip up the latest previously unbeknownst color on the spectrum, or cut shapes that no man (or woman) has ever even remotely associated with hair, a real measure of skill is how little you can do to make something beautiful. With Qualia, we learned to work smarter, not harder.

>> Follow this link to see the Qualia Collection


If You’ve Got The Goods…Show Them

In Kooky, we saw Tracey spread her beautiful, creative wings and soar high like the artistic little swallow* that she is. Pulling from an inspiration that is near and dear to our hearts, Tracey showcased her immeasurable talents in cutting, coloring, and styling…all at the same time. Impressive.

>>Follow this link to see the Kooky Collection


*Why a swallow? In the days of wooden ships, sailors used to tattoo a swallow on their chest, hands or neck to symbolize an upcoming journey and a second for when they returned. Tracey is also quite the world traveler, so it’s seemed fitting. See? Now you’ve learned something too.

Want to learn more from Tracey? Be sure to check out her education materials, HERE.


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