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For their latest collection, GO24•7 teamed up with photographer Michael Shindler to capture images using the rare process of tintype photography. It’s a collection that is hauntingly reminiscent of old-timey photos taken during the mid-1860s. It embraces and celebrates the painstaking care and patience involved in the photographic process as well as the persistence and attention that goes into styling men’s hair.

The Looks

According to the GO24•7 Styling Team, this collection is a homage to the traditional, classic barbering of a bygone era with a nod to the future of men’s grooming. It consists of classic cuts with contemporary styling using modern-day products: pomades and waxes, styling and grooming creams and control spray.

The Tintype Process

Each photo is exposed on a small piece of metal that is prepped in the darkroom (yes, a real darkroom!) immediately before taking the shot. After soaking in silver nitrate, the metal becomes sensitive to light. The metal plate is then placed directly into the camera. The photo is snapped and a positive image is created. It is then developed and washed with water. After drying, the metal plate is photographed by a digital camera and further processing and editing continues. It take 5 minutes just to produce a single image on tintype, a method invented in the early days of photography.

To experience the process, watch and enjoy the following video from GO24•7.

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Photo Credits

Hair: Dylan Johnson & Vinnie Morey

Photography: Michael Shindler

Styling & Makeup: Suzanne Roberts

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