The Life of a Traveling Hairdresser: New York

Hey, my name is Patrick and I thought the best way to introduce myself to you was to share a trip back to a place I used to call home, New York.  I was there for a week shooting webinars and working with the team at ARROJO in New York City.  But, first I want to tell you a little about my history and context first. I was born in New York 48 years ago and have spent most of my professional career working with the best in our industry, starting about 30 years ago in the 1980’s when models were really super and the club/party scene was out of control.  I’ve been lucky enough to have taught in 17 countries, 5 continents, been named “One of the Best Colorists” by Allure and was the color director for Nick Arrojo and Rodney Cutler at ARROJO CUTLER. Currently, I share ideas as the Artistic and TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California and work in NYC with ARROJO as the Techni-Color Director/Brand Strategist. What I love about what I do is I get to travel 200+ days a year, hang out with some of the coolest people and eat at fun places.  I love to share what I see and who I meet along the way, so once a month I’m going to share some places I’ve been to, some of the people I’ve met (or already know) and places I’ve eaten at with some of those amazing people.



The fun part for me is I love to eat!  I love to eat any place from street food vendors to interesting restaurants, and I love to take pictures along the way, so I figured the best place to begin was right in NYC with two of my favorite places and two of my favorite people – my road wife Mary, a Kao team member with Goldwell & KMS California that I travel with 14+ times per year, and my real wife of 19 years, Leah.


For dinner we went to a restaurant that Leah and I both love ,WONJO, a very authentic Korean barbecue restaurant. When I launched a color line in South Korea a few years ago, the team was surprised that I loved Korean food.  They explained that most Americans have never tried Korean food, and when I told them that WONJO was my favorite in NYC many of my new friends said it was their favorite too.

When we arrived it was packed and we some how managed to get the last 4 seats before an ever-increasing line for dinner began.

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As we were ushered into a tight corner, sweet, salty and garlicky aromas filled the air as men in black shirts sped by carrying what look like trays or buckets of fire with red hot burning wood embers to cook dinners that arrive moments later.

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We started with siu mai dumplings, an amazing assortment of pickled vegetables and some sake.  What I love about sharing the Korean Barbecue experience with friends is that it’s a communal experience where we can also participate cooking our food at the pace we want creating a great context to have conversation and fun with friends.  We ordered for our main course Leah and my favorite, bulgogi, a thinly sliced marinated beef that is full of flavor from the garlic, sesame oil, sesame seeds, scallion, sugar and soy sauce it had been marinating in.  As soon as our food hit the table the bulgogi was quickly added to barbecue rack that had been placed over the hole in the center of our table that held the burning embers that were now crackling as sweet and salty smells filled the air around us as we watched our food grill to perfection.


If dinner was a new cuisine, dessert was a classic as we walked from 33rd and 5th Ave from dinner downtown to the east village where we literally stepped back in time at Veniero’s Bakery on 11th at and 1st Ave.  Established in 1873, the pastries, cakes, gelato and ice cream are crafted from a different era, they have cannolis, Napoleons and chocolate cakes that make ever other “Death by Chocolate” seem like torture after a bite of chocolate cake from Venierio’s.  And it’s not just well known classic after dinner treats, but also specialties like Italian cheese cake that you can enjoy as you relax gazing at the hand crafted stain glass and ornate metal work.

My week in NYC has been amazing, from shooting 7 webinars with Goldwell and KMS California at the brand new Academy, to the two days with the team at ARROJO at our salon and school in Soho, brand new salon in Williamsburg Brooklyn and even a final walk through meeting at our soon to be opening location ARROJO Tribeca. But no time to rest, because after a day home with my family (the day before Father’s Day) it’s off to LA for a show in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday with Nick Arrojo and Gerard Scrapaci!!! Time to run, but I’ll see you next month right here with more fun from the road and the life of a traveling hairdresser.



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