The Industrie Report: Year One

Well, hello there. I don’t know if we’ve been properly introduced. You see, for the past year we’ve been providing you with business advice, life thoughts, and how-tos of all kinds. We’ve talked to you via social media and email and listened to your feedback on surveys. We’ve thought about you pretty much every single day of the past year (we took one or two off, in the interest of full transparency) and your success has been in the forefront of our minds.
It’s a little weird not knowing who we are, isn’t it?

Well, we are Kerri Lee-Young and Justine Rivard, the Co-Founders of Industrie and the ones who spent the vast majority of our waking hours worrying about your business. While you can read a little more about us on our About Page or via our 5Q Interviews (Kerri’s is here and Justine’s is here) don’t expect to see us very often. You see, Industrie isn’t about us; it’s about you. Apart from the monthly newsletter and the occasional Facebook post, our focus is on your career and the tools and information that we can provide to make it better.

Now that we’ve gotten our introductions out of the way let’s talk about all of this new.

Things look a little differently around here today, and it’s more than just a facelift. We’ve gone through a lot this first year. It’s been wonderful and stressful and fun and terrifying all at once. In the end, like most learning processes, we came out of it with an entirely new perspective.

“A fear of failure is just as rational as a fear of success: both are equally likely outcomes.”

We started this whole journey fired up. We had spent years in the professional beauty industry working with people at all levels and stages in their careers. While there were aspects that we loved, there were many things that we felt strongly about changing. Much like a high school anarchy phase, we wanted to shake up the system, level the playing field, “flip the table” (that’s Kerri’s favorite phrase for it). We wanted to champion the little guys and make the voices of the silent, heard. We wanted to showcase new talent, new ideas, and innovations and provide real, usable information. No fluff, no filler, just the sweet, creamy nougat of real knowledge.

We learned very quickly that revolutions don’t happen overnight.

Some things we tried in our first year worked and some things didn’t and that’s all part of the process. In the end, we stripped Industrie down to the studs and rebuilt it from the ground up. We realized that without providing real tools for real success, we are not arming beauty pros for a true revolution, we were handing pitchforks and torches to angry villagers. The real change has to happen through education, support, and collaboration.

So where does that leave us? We are not hairdressers; we are marketers by trade. We are also creatives (just like you) and salon clients (just like your clients). We’ve spent a combined fifteen years+ working with major beauty manufacturers and publications on every facet of the industry that you can think of. From product sales to consultations, to creating collections and telling stories. In short, we have a highly unique perspective. We know what people on both sides of your business—your supplier and your clients—are thinking about you. We know what they want from you, and we know how to show you how to give it to them.

No beauty pro is an island.

We also know that being a beauty professional requires an arsenal of knowledge outside of cosmetology school. From balancing a budget to crafting a brand and charting growth. You have to know how to keep your bottom line growing, your brand and messaging on point, your loyal clients happy all while prospecting for new clients to ensure growth and keeping your skills and techniques current. You are your own accountant, marketer, PR department, social media manager, business manager, HR representative, webmaster, graphic designer, and copywriter.
That’s exhausting, just to read.

It’s impossible to keep up to date on all of those things, but they are all integral to the success of your business. If you spent your time training yourself in all of those areas (each being a full-time job of their own), you would never have the time to actually work in the salon.

That’s where we come in. We have education and years of training in all of those areas, so we decided to put them to good use and make ourselves available, to you. We are taking all of our knowledge and experience and distilling it down to be applied to the industry that we have come to know and love (and someday, perhaps effect some change in…even if it’s just a little).

We are not trained in cutting, coloring, styling or makeup application, and we don’t pretend to be—we have experts for that. What we can help you do is to maximize that knowledge and make sure that you are putting it to work for your business. We can help you make the connection from paying good money to learn the hottest new technique to making more money by incorporating it into your consultations, supporting it with the right retailing strategies and marketing the hell out of it both in person and online.

So that’s where we are today. Today we show you our new look, our new mission and the people who made it happen. In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out new programs, products, and education aimed at taking your business to the next level, whether you be a new stylist, booth renter, makeup artist, nail tech or a million-dollar owner with salons across the country—we promise there is something usable for everyone.

If you’re with us, sign up below to get the monthly newsletter (which comes with its own set of goodies and freebies). We look forward to learning and working with you. Onward & Upward!

-Kerri & Justine (Your Friends at Industrie)

*If you’re not with us, if perhaps you were expecting something different or have no interest in seeing your business from a different perspective, no hard feelings. You can opt-out of our mailing list, HERE. We wish you all the best 🙂 Cheers!

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  • Love your perspective! As a Beauty Blogger & Independent Salon Retail Consultant, who is not a licensed stylist yet has a passion and drive for our FAB! industry and improving Salon Retail revenue, client/customer experiences and retention, I cannot wait to see what is coming!