Strong Teams, Healthy Hobbies & A Mission

Notice anything a little different this month? We’ve decided to do something a little off the beaten path and that is to put a salon in the spotlight for an entire month. Not just the salon, but also its owner(s), the people who work there, the clients who frequent it and everything in between. To kick it all off, we spent a day with the down-to-earth and ever-so-gracious owners and staff of Karen Marie Salon in Chicago, Illinois.

These fine women and men taught us a lot about business, life, passion, and perseverance. To be more precise, here are five lessons we left the city limits with:

Mission Statements Should Have Heart

We’ve seen a handful of mission statements from salons around the globe, but what makes the Karen Marie Salon (KMS) mission statement stand out to us is that fact that is has got to be the most genuine, unpretentious and down-to-earth promise to its clients, its team, its community that we have ever seen. It really and truly captures the essence of the salon, the team and the owners, Karen Marie and Benjamin Rossi. This is making us go back and reevaluate our own mission statement for Industrie.

>>Follow this link to see the Anatomy of Karen Marie Salon

Birds of a Feather…

Certainly do flock together. After we met Karen Marie at this amazing little coffee shop and picked her brain for a wee bit, we knew within seconds that her staff at the salon was going to be just as interesting and unique as Karen Marie herself. Boy, were we right! Take for instance Ian who taught us how hair can be viewed as a timeline of your life. And then there’s Tara who may have convinced us to give up coffee for a good and switch to this green sludge-looking concoction called matcha*. And then there’s the girl who has a lot of cats who taught us that good things do happen when tacos are in close proximity.

*HA! Who are we kidding? Give up coffee? Never.
>>Follow this link to meet the staff

Hobbies Are Healthy

Kelly Jost and Jaci Herrera, two more team members at KMS taught us the importance of having hobbies. Kelly, with her embroidery art, and Jaci with her Headcase (a custom-made shears holder).

And you know what? All this got us thinking. So we explored the benefits of adult coloring and while we were at it, we came up with a really creative way to allow YOU to explore, dabble and decompress through adult coloring with Industrie-created downloadable/printable coloring pages. A brief conversation about what people were doing in their spare time also taught us the importance of carving out time for ourselves.

>>Follow this link to learn more about Adult Coloring

The Right People Matter

Seriously folks, Karen Marie is one helluva lady, but without her team, she would have a hard time keeping her clientele happy. We learned from her (and go into more detail) why a team is the most important part of a business. Like how they save you money and make you look really, really good.

And during our interviews with everyone, we also learned how important it is to walk into an interview completely prepared, especially if you’re being interviewed for a job!

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Give Back With Heart

Not to get too sappy here, but Karen Marie gave us the warm and fuzzies. She has a huge heart for her neighborhood and community and goes above and beyond in supporting them. Hearing about how she gives back and why she does what she does taught us the importance of volunteering and fundraising. We also learned what needs to be done to pull off a successful charity event like the one KMS throws each year for Earth Day!

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