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Hair Expo Exclusive: 2015 Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Finalist Joe Ribera

It’s Rebel Without a Cause meets today’s modern man. It’s the epitome of a “yesterday meets today” mash up. Thanks to Joe Ribera’s love for the 1950s, these six images embody the rockabilly and street thug culture of the past infused with today’s passion for texture and style.

Pompadours and undercuts continue to make an impact on male hair trends and when Joe Ribera was conceptualizing his collection, he envisioned one that would pay homage to these styles, but also give a modern take on those trends that could appeal to a variety of men.

A variety of shapes and styles ebb and flow throughout Ribera’s models and the final looks are cohesive, classic and strong.

The original pompadour hairstyle had a lot of length through the top so I used length to create direction and different textures in each of the looks. I wanted to show a combination of smooth and rough and also combine shine and matte finishes.

To help execute the shoot, he enlisted a dynamic team with exceptional talent. “Simon Everiss won the Studio Photographer of the Year award in 2014 and is an absolute genius behind the camera. I have always been a fan of his editorial work and we will definitely collaborate again,” says Ribera. “I have worked with Lianne Claire in the past and she has a great vision and we work well together as a team. As for these models, I chose each one of them specifically for their bone structure for I wanted to create a strong and masculine collection.”

And a strong and masculine collection you created, Mr. Ribera.

Hair Expo Joe Ribera Hair Expo Joe Ribera Hair Expo Joe Ribera Hair Expo Joe Ribera Hair Expo Joe Ribera Hair Expo Joe Ribera

Photo Credits:

Hair: Joe Ribera

Photographer: Simon Everiss

Makeup: Lianne Claire

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