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Hair Expo Exclusive: 2015 Emerging Hairdresser of the Year Finalist Malisa Masci

There was a lot to love about the 1980s. Hair was bigger, jewelry was clunkier and everyone’s leggings had a few more tears in them (note: there was also a lot of legging wearing). The glam of the 1970s clashed with the rise of punk culture and melded into a strange and beautiful persona of all its own. This decade was excessive in just about every respect, and it’s part of the reason that we love it. Everything from hair to fashion to attitude was “in your face.” It’s no surprise then that such a raw energy is cited, to this day, as an inspiration to artists from all walks.

There were so many things that were wrong about the 80s. I wanted to create a cool, yet sexy ‘80s shoot

Malisa Masci’s Emerging Hairdresser of the Year finalist collection for Sydney’s Hair Expo, recreates icons of the ‘80s, like David Bowie and Grace Jones, and interprets them for today. It is uncanny how Masci manages to channel the raw essence of her idols, while keeping them impeccably on-trend for this era. Her Bowie influence has a little less “Ziggy” and a little more “Stardust” and her indomitable Ms. Jones is positively dripping with grace.


“There were so many things that were wrong about the 80s. I wanted to create a cool, yet sexy ‘80s shoot”, said Masci, and for everything that was wrong about the 1980s, she certainly found a way to make it right with this collection. Working with a team that was able to see her vision and entertain her (sometimes) “crazy” ideas, the collection took her six months to take from idea to reality. Her model choice was calculated on how relatable each was to her chosen ‘80s inspiration, as she wanted them to look as similar as possible to the inspiration.

Regardless of your era of origin or choice, Masci maintains that the looks she created are wearable by anyone. “All the looks are very wearable, maybe except for the Grace Jones lookalike. I wanted to create a very commercial look for this collection so that people on the streets could relate.”

As a matter of fact, it is that wearable quality that Masci is most proud of, stating, “Clients are actually looking at these shots and saying ‘I want that look.’”

While many of us dreaded the day that oversized motorcycle jackets and larger-than-life frizz would come back into fashion, with a little help from the incredibly skilled hands of Malisa Masci, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. If the trends of the 1980s can look like this, we’ll gladly dig those shoulder pads out of the backs of our drawers and slip into some leg warmers.


Photo Credits

Hairdresser/Colourist: Malisa Masci

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Make-Up: Kylie O’Toole

Stylist: Elaine Marshall


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