Sebastian Professionals: Totemic Collection

Here at Industrie, we like to tickle your senses and inspire you to create, explore and dip into your own imagination. One of the ways we do that is through photographic collections. We also like to give you the resources (and that little nudge) to push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to take your skills to the next level by sharing various how-tos and tutorials. And when get our hands on great video clips, we always share and encourage you to watch them. Content like this is posted through the site—a little here, a little there, something special everywhere. But this has to be the first time we’ve combined a collection, styling how-tos and inspiration videos all in one single post. You can call Sebastian Professionals “Totemic” a trifecta of sorts.

These components can stand alone and be their own individual thing, but when you combine and feature them together, they become something more—something more captivating. The images tell the story of the collection and also provide a reference for the written step-by-steps on how to create their unique and individual style. The videos take you behind the scenes, connect with the creators and aid in developing these unique styles using various products. You feel connected to it and have a better understanding to the overall vision.

Sebastian Global Art Directors, Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey, dive into the melting pot to explore the customs and craft of tribal cultures from the Amazon to Asia. Together, with eclectic jewelry duo Courtney and Philip Crangi from Giles & Brother, they reinvent traditional techniques to create a collection where past, present and future collide. Inspired by traditional customs and craft, new and iconic techniques, these Global Art Directors push the boundaries and shape the future of artistry.

“The world is such a small place now. It’s one global hub of inspiration, and it’s our job to bring that to life,” said Shay Dempsey. “We’ve taken some very traditional techniques from all over the world, broken them down and reinvented them for hair,” added Michael Polsinelli. “We want to be innovative and want to be among the ones pushing the boundaries with the materials and the design,” shared Courtney and Philip Crangi.

The end result is a collection that teeters on being fashion-forward and wearable for the everyday woman. We get that not all the looks from this collection are something you’ll want to recreate for a day at work or on a night out, but some small details can be adapted, learned and rousing. For instance, consider Look #3 (the model with the wing-like shapes on the sides of her head). The likelihood of you wearing this to Whole Foods on a Saturday afternoon is unlikely, but who’s to say you can’t where the sides slicked down and create a bump of volume, or wear a dramatic middle part like this model? Each image (and its corresponding how-to) gives you a choice: a way to either incorporate the look as a whole into your existing likes and personality OR the opportunity to build off something or take a detail and transform it into something that is more “you.”

See the entire collection in our the photo gallery above, learn how to create each individual look using Sebastian Professional products below and then view the video playlist at the very bottom and go behind the scenes with Michael, Shay and Giles & Brother.

How To Create The Totemic Looks:

Image #1: Hair was blow-dried with Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam, before the fringe hairpiece was placed on the head. Starting from the occipital bone, the roots were back-brushed to the temple and fixed with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper. Keeping the top flat, hair was back-brushed away from the face. A low ponytail was created at the nape, keeping the rounded volume at the back.

Image #2: Hair was first blow-dried with Sebastian Professional Trilliant, then straightened out from the head using flat irons. The Melted Clay technique was used to fix the strands at the top. NOTE: This technique can be viewed in the video playlist below.

Image #3: First the top was clipped away. The bottom was sprayed with Sebastian Professional Texture Maker and blow-dried away from the face. Sebastian Professional Craft Clay was melted with a blow dryer and worked through the sides. The middle section was back-brushed at the roots. Using Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity and a curling iron, wing-like shapes were created on the sides of the head. The top was halved with a middle parting. The roots were back-brushed on either side, hair rolled inwards and pinned tight at the front. The final shape was then extended towards the back and molded using Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity and a curling iron.

Image #4: A rectangular section was taken on the top, and the triangular form pinned at the temple. Horizontal sections on the top were backcombed and placed over the form. The back was sectioned off with two diagonal lines. Two high ponytails were created at the back using hair from both sides. The ponytails were then connected and tied at the base with a strip of leather. Roots were back-brushed at the back, the surface smoothed with the brush. A rounded shape was created by pinching the hair together at the bottom of the neck.

Image #5: For the fringe, a middle parting was created at the front and hair brushed flat. The fringe piece was fixed in place and cut into a choppy shape using the Skimming technique. Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam was applied with a comb, the hair divided into horizontal sections and blow-dried with a round brush. Roots were back-brushed at the sides to create the shape, with the top pinned inwards at the back. The shape was extended at the back and fixed with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper to finish the look. NOTE: The Skimming technique can be seen, HERE.

Image #6: Hair was first blow-dried with Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte. Two offset ponytails were created at the sides, sprayed with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper, twisted into tight buns and pinned in place. The roped pieces of hair were prepared with Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte, twisted and sprayed with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper. The twists were fixed by running a flat iron up and down each one. The roped pieces were wrapped around each bun, over and across the face. Some of the ropes were tied together in front of the face and others pulled out to finish the look.

Image #7: The buns at the side were released and the twists undone. Bigger sections were taken and twisted with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper. A triangle was then sectioned off at the front of the head. Starting at the center, small radial sections were taken and roped using Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper and flat irons. The ropes were then bent, placed over the forehead and tied in place.

Image #8: Hair was blow-dried with Sebastian Professional Texture Maker. Fishtail braids were created with the hair weft, pinned randomly around the head and then pulled apart. Fluffy texture was then created and defined using Sebastian Professional Craft Clay.

Image #9: A rectangular section was taken on the top of the head and divided into two parts horizontally. The form was then placed on the temple. Hair from underneath the form was back-brushed and wrapped around it. The front part of the top was also back-brushed and wrapped around the form. Sides were worked in vertical sections, each back-brushed at the roots, brushed away from the face and pinned at the back. Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper was used to expand the shape at the back, and then a hair piece placed on the top to finish.

Complete your trifecta exploration of the “Totemic” line, and explore behind the scenes with Michael, Shay and Giles & Brother with this video playlist.


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