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The collection “Steel Magnolias” from the acclaimed Graham Webb International Art Team captures a hidden strength within each woman. It’s a juxtaposition of natural beauty and striking looks bringing femininity to life in a way that is both remarkable and incredible while remaining breathtakingly simple.

Inspired by modern romanticism, the team was fascinated by the contrast of female empowerment and classic fairy tales during the time period when they began to be second-guessed. This collection explores this intriguing shift in opinion on the roles of women and the portrayal of feminine beauty.

When a team of this size collaborates, it’s imperative for all to remain cohesive and focused. “Everyone shares the same passion, ethos and vision for this collection,” explained the Graham Webb International Art Team. “We all grasped the concept so naturally. Our ideas, including those of the photographer and makeup artists, fed into the process and encapsulated the mood we were after.”

Each model was chosen specifically because they perfectly matched the ideas on the many mood boards the team created in preparation for the collection. They collectively decided, through a series of creative meetings, exactly what kind of look the girls needed to have and luckily, they found each one during casting. After this process, it took the team roughly 6 months to bring the collection to life. “It was an organic process that evolved naturally,” they added. “Once we had our concept and vision in place, the ball really got rolling.” The biggest obstacle faced? Stress.

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As many hairdressers will agree, shoots are always a stressful time crunch. Our biggest obstacle was probably trying to create a calm, ethereal sense in such a manic setting.

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The final result are eleven looks that are romantic, elegant and wearable for the everyday client. “The shape and form of the looks can be adapted to all clients and it is really only the curled looks that are slightly more expressed than usual,” added the team. We love how powerful the curls are in this collection. It’s refreshing! And we all agree that the auburn curls look is our favourite. We are undecided on which exact image though. The big, wild but feminine hair shows strength and softness, just like women everywhere”

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Photo Credits

Hair: Graham Webb International Art Team

Makeup: Maddie Austin

Photography: Jack Eames

Styling: Claire Frith

Art Direction: Sharon Peake


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