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The model you see, her name is Grace and according to Editorial Hairstylist Lucie Doughty, she’s pretty damn amazing hence why Lucie titled this collection, “Amazing Grace.” Inspired by Grace herself, it is a series of portraits that show the versatility of hair styling and hair color and just how transformative these two variables can change one’s appearance.

Because Grace had always wanted to go from being a brunette to becoming a blonde, Lucie selected a team that could also be inspired by Grace. Since she had worked with this team together on several other occasions, she felt like it would all come together naturally and beautifully in which it did. And even though Lucie ran into a hot little obstacle along the way—the photo studio was exceptionally hot due to outside temperatures—she had to make certain the temps inside the studio did not alter her model’s hair temperature or mishaps would ensue. Thankfully everything remained controlled.

Another obstacle that could have easily erupted, which thankfully didn’t, was Grace being unhappy with her hair color transformation.

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I was able to transform someone’s look to the totally opposite side and have her be ecstatic with the results. That’s what I’m most proud of.

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Lucie also added, “It’s a transformation that is quite relatable and wearable for clients. “Even Jared Leto and Kardashian’s have caught the blonde bug. As a colorist, you have to be sure to watch the hair carefully throughout the process and be patient.”

It’s always energizing as an editor to ask someone what their favorite image is from the collection and finding out why and hearing Lucie’s replies were a delight. “The French pleat because it’s so classic. I also fashioned the black rose headband specifically for this shoot so that’s another favorite.” I wholeheartedly agree with you there, Lucie.

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Photo Credits:

Hair: Lucie Doughty

Photographer: Darren Tieste

Makeup: Iris Moreau

Wardrobe: Rafael Linares

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