How to Get Started Growing Your Beauty Business

The prospect of growing a beauty business, whether that be as a salon owner, an independent stylist, or a platform artist or educator, is really exciting. It’s a creative field with a lot of support, resources, and potential clients who already want what you want to sell to them

But it’s still a business.

We want to be really, really clear on that point because it’s something that a lot of beauty pros we’ve met over the years have a hard time accepting. Once you decide to go out on your own, in whatever capacity, you have automatically become a business owner.

And what does every business need? A plan.

It’s a simple but often overlooked fact: you have to know where you are before you know where you can go. It can be really tempting to be constantly focused on realizing your dream, reaching your end goal.

But the reality is that beyond ambition, beyond vision and potential, it takes identifying your current challenges, working with what you’ve got on hand, and crafting a realistic, workable plan around those things to reach that end dream destination.

So here’s what we are going to do. We are going to walk through the main points of your beauty business, one by one, and identify their importance.

So let’s make this fun, useful and relatively painless.

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Eugene Souleiman: Working Deep & Sublime Mistakes

“You are frowning. You don’t like my answer. What don’t you like about it?” It is late in the afternoon and about a dozen of us are huddled together in a small meeting room during the Wella International Trendvision event. The room itself looks as though it had recently been used for some type of

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Sylvie Moreau: The Invisible Value of Women

So, do you think that women really can have it all, and should we want to? It’s the Sunday morning following the Wella International Trendvision Awards. In a hotel suite that looks as though it were designed either by or for Jay Gatsby, Sylvie Moreau, President of Coty Professional Beauty, and I have been talking

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Coffee with Patrick Cameron

It is early, not quite I-wake-up-before-the-sun-to-squeeze-in-my-pilates early, but earlier than I’m used to functioning. I make my way down to the kitchen, hoping that I had remembered to hit the “delay brew” button on the coffee maker before falling into bed the night before, but the absence of the tell-tale happily gurgling and dripping sounds

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The Conversations in the Background: Life Lessons at ITVA

With every event that we ever attend, there is always some sort of theme. I’m not just talking about what happens on the stage. The looks and techniques being showcased—while interesting enough in their own right—are covered ad nauseum by the beauty media, oftentimes all using the same shots, captions, and enthusiastic reviews.

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As I shared in my TedX Journey Part 1, the first part of my TEDx experience was presenting an idea to spread (TED’s tagline is Ideas Worth Spreading), and sharing the process of being selected as one of the eight speakers chosen by the curating committee from 60 original submissions. In Part 2, I’m going

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Where do you want to grow in the beauty industry?

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to approach a career in the professional beauty industry (or any industry, for that matter) you either want to grow or to maintain. Neither approach is necessarily better than the other, they are simply designed for different types of people. While I have a healthy respect for the maintainers—those

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