What Skills Are Most in Demand for Editorial/Session Work?

So many stylists have the dream of one day stepping out of the salon and onto a set. Editorial and session stylists are immortalized through their work, on the front pages of magazines and beyond. They have the chance to flex their creative muscle by collaborating with product companies, fashion designers, photographers and then some. However, there are a lot of steps between behind-the-chair and behind-the-scenes, so we reached out to someone who knows the space well, Editorial Stylist extrodinairre and Industrie Expert, Ruth Roche

Ruth Roche on Session and Editorial Styling

What skills are in the most demand for editorial/session work? hair dressing? color? cutting? are their specific techniques that editorial/session stylist should focus on?

RR: It’s all about dressing, styling, extensions, wefts and wigs. Those are key skills you use in editorial work. So you need to know how to cut wefts, extensions and wigs, and maybe sometimes color them, but rarely do you cut and/or color a model’s hair. Especially in larger cities like New York and LA. Rarely will a professional model allow you to cut or color their hair.

When I owned my salon we worked with a modeling agency and cut and colored the models’ hair when they needed it, at a special price. In return we had a great relationship with the agency and when we needed models for a shoot or test they helped us out.

So master your hairdressing skills if you want to excel. Learn how to do everything … from fingerwaves to setting for all different purposes. Working with clip in extensions, falls and wigs is another skill to master. Making these look real and integrate into the hair in a natural looking way is the challenge.

Offer to assist other session hairdressers and learn their ways. There is so much to learn and we don’t know what we don’t know until we learn it!


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