How Do I Make Sure Clients Can Find Me Online?

We are is completely digital today. We have more information that is more easy to access than ever before, and when someone wants to find a new salon or service, they jump online to do it before doing anything else. Personal referrals worked well before, but clients are increasingly searching for businesses online to make their decision to book an appointment with a hair salon.

57% of buyers conduct online research before deciding on what business to contact as part of their buying decision, says Seth Patton (Senior Director at Microsoft Dynamics). This is also true for personal referrals too, they’ll take that referral and check it out online first before contacting the business.

Unlike 15 or even 5 years ago businesses now have another platform to present their businesses to the world. They can present a brand image, information and a brand personality online that previously was not possible in print media or traditional advertising methods.

I’ve put together some simple tips to help make sure that you have a rock solid online business profile…. that clients can find.


Your website is not an artistic creation of your fabulous work or just a place to add your business location. It’s an online information and buying tool for your clients. It’s not something you do once and leave it up there for life… it needs to be a living breathing thing that changes as you do. Think about your potential client.  What information does she want from a website?  What does she really want to know?

Really, she wants to know if your business will suit her needs, whether that’s about getting the right colour, the right location, or the right ambiance.

Secondly, she’ll want to know about price, even if she’s not price conscious, it tells her more than just your price point, it tells her about what to expect from your business. Is your business about quick services and affordable prices or is it about a quality service and a time to relax and kick back.

Don’t keep your prices a secret. Make your pricing is easy to find with only one click. Ensure your price menu is written in a language your customers can understand. She doesn’t really know what a Tint is but she might know what highlights are.

She’ll want to see who will be looking after her if she is new. Your staff profiles should be kept updated and interesting, and get some photos in there – people like to see who they’re booking with, it builds trust. Staff profiles are one of the most visited pages on a salon’s website, so make sure they’re updated and interesting.

Lastly, check the basics! Make sure you have your physical address, phone number, map and online booking visible! They can’t visit you if they can’t find or book with you!

Your website is pretty, but can Google find you?

As hairdressers we want our websites to look visually amazing, showing off our creativity, but it’s important to stop and think about the purpose of your website.

While visual elements are absolutely important, written content is even more so as it not only conveys your message to your customer but is also one of the primary ways Google finds and ranks your site. What’s the point of having a stunning visual masterpiece if no one ever sees it?!

Here’s a quick checklist for your website to ensure both Google & people can find what they need and what services you offer.

1. Mobile responsive

When a website is ‘responsive’ it means that your website is designed to work on any device – a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, a mobile phone. If your site is not responsive, it’ll not only give your user a frustrating experience and you’ll lose potential clients but Google now ranks mobile responsive website above those that are not.

2. Write for Google Keywords

If you’re not on the first page of Google you’re nowhere, at least in your clients’ eyes. How often do you actually click to the 2nd page in a Google search? Rarely right?

It would be difficult to rank on the first page of Google for every possible thing your customers might search for, so choose what is most important to your business and ensure you keep those words that you think your customers would be typing into google in your copy on your website. These are called keywords.

Don’t overuse them (Google is more clever than that), but make sure they’re in there. For example, ‘hairdresser’ and ‘Wellington’ might be two terms your potential customers might search for. Also ensure your website developer has put those words in your page titles, meta tags, image descriptions and pages descriptions.

3. Use Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website:

You know what they are, as you see them at the top of the page when you search in google right? Google AdWords are good for targeting people who have searched Google for your business, a business similar or a product or service that you offer.

Adwords help ensure you’re at the top of page one more often, thus increasing the chance of someone clicking through to your website, over anyone else’s.

We book everything online, from travel, dinner reservations, and events. We’re in a time now where being able to find businesses and book online is expected. Can your clients book with you online? Should you have online booking in your business? How can you ensure that you get noticed on social media? These are all tools that can help you gain new clients and make existing client retention easier. Knowing how to streamline and maximize your results will definitely give you and your business an edge!

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