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Hair Expo Exclusive: 2015 Australian Hairdresser of the Year Finalist Joey Scandizzo

It’s raw, empowering and post-apocalyptic. It’s beautifully gritty, tribal and extremely authoritative. But it’s not what you think it is. What you’re looking at is a tribute and nod to the most beautiful and powerful women in Joey Scandizzo’s life.

Before we jump in and share the inspiration behind this, because waiting is often the hardest part, let’s build up the suspense a bit and share some facts about this shoot. According to Scandizzo, this collection was one of the hardest ones he has ever put together. Photographer Andrew O’Toole and Fashion Stylist Elaine Marshall played an integral role in the successful execution by paying close mind to Scandizzo’s storyboards, which helped keep the shots true to his vision. Eight months later, these feminine leaders came to life.

What was the biggest obstacle? “Obviously I wanted to keep the images raw, but I didn’t want to shoot on location,” shared Scandizzo.

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And the inspiration came from such disparate locales and times that it would have been near impossible (in a practical sense) to find a place that would work. I had to trust in my team to make sure that every element in a given look perfectly communicated the story I wanted to tell.

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So, you’re probably wondering, “What was the story he wanted to tell? What inspired him to create this collection?”

We’re going to let Joey Scandizzo tell you.

“With a surname like Scandizzo, it is pretty clear l have an Italian heritage. Last September, my wife Jane gave birth to our son, Jagger. It’s interesting how this can really make you reflect on your life as well as look into the future. For me, it instantly took me back to my childhood memories.

Every Sunday we would go to visit my Nonna for pasta. While my grandparents and parents were catching up, us kids would go into the lounge and watch videos. The collection was not extensive! In fact, the only one of interest to me was Mad Max. Each week we would huddle around and watch it again and again and again. I think the movie is imbedded in my brain! So Mad Max has always been a long-time favourite.Watching Jagger grow makes me think back to these days.

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What stands out for me now is the women in my family. The women are truly the glue that holds everything together. My Nonna, my Mum and my Wife are all strong women and are the ones that nurture and love us in their unique ways. I only now understand that it is the women who keep the family unit together.

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Being inspired from my history and the women in my life who have shaped me, I went into research mode. I wanted to create something from the Mad Max era around strong women. I then started to explore images from one of my favourite British photographers, Jimmy Nelson. He captures photographs that visually tell the stories of these real women in tribes from around the world.

I looked deep into the images and know they have stories, history and strength. Most importantly, they all share a common thread that is the love for their family.

From here, the inspiration started to evolve into what I wanted to create as my collection.

It was important to me that each shot represents a family leader, because this is a true celebration of women globally.”

Photo Credits

Hairdresser: Joey Scandizzo

Stylist: Elaine Marshall

Makeup: Kylie O’Toole

Photography: Andrew O’Toole


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